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Bae's POV.

I took a step out the room, How am I going to explain this to Trisha? "Wait harry," I took a few steps back, hitting his chest. I turned to look at him, as I did I heard Trisha yell, "Bae!" I was quickly engulfed into a tight hug. "God, I'm so glad you made it through the surgery. I don't know what I would do if I lost you too." She gushed, squeezing me as tightly as she could. I smiled, looking back at Harry. "It was Jen," he mouthed, pushing me lightly into Trisha. I nodded, hugging back. Jen put a spell on her. I thought to myself, hugging Trisha back. I leaned my head on her shoulder, I haven't hugged her in what feels like forever.

A light breeze from the AC blew by, I took a deep breath, immediately regretting it. I looked at Trisha, the smell of her blood taking over my senses. Taking a deep breath in, I leaned closer to her, feeling two points touch my bottom lip.

"Okay Bae, lets get you home." Zayn said suddenly, grabbing my arm. I glanced at Zayn before looking back at Harry who was talking to Jen as they followed behind us. Trisha was with Lexi, who was smiling as she talked with her. Trisha was too filled up in happiness to even realize that Lexi didn't care about anything she had to say.

Suddenly, Harry spoke loudly. "Really?!" I looked at him confused, well, everyone did. Harry only shrugged it off as he examined the ring which was on his finger. I furrowed my eyebrows, looking down at mine. It was identical to his but the size was different and it was smaller. I tried to listen to their conversation, but I was getting distracted by everything; how everything was more graphic, conversations could be heard from two halls down, and the smell of blood was basically attacking me.

I moved closer to Zayn, whispering, "How can you control yourself?" I asked him, looking around. "Just think of what makes you happy or don't breathe." He stated, chuckling. I looked at him with wide eyes. "It's only for show Bae, you don't really need to." I nodded, forming an 'o' shaped with my lips. As I let the last bit of air out my body, I looked back at Harry who was still talking to Jen, he was smiling with wide eyes.

I frowned, jealousy taking over me. I removed Zayn's hand and walked over to Harry, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly. Harry looked at me confused before chuckling and kissing my cheek. "These rings allow us in the sun." he stated, looking back at Jen. I huffed quietly, starting to play with Harry's fingers. "Harry, did Zayn and Lexi get one?" I asked him, but he only nodded, not stopping the conversation. "Do they know?" Harry sighed, "Yes Bae, they know." he sounded annoyed. "oh okay." I mumbled, walking ahead of them and out the hospital. I caught up to Trisha, Lexi and Zayn who were already my hospital room.

I went to the bed, crawling into it quickly and pulling the covers over me. Soon, Harry and Jen were at the door. "Okay, I'll go get food for you four, you somehow get Mrs. Malik our so you can eat and we can continue our conversation." I heard Jen mumble, as she patted Harry's back and walked away. He watched her for a moment before walking over. The smile was still there, it was like someone stabled it that way. I leaned back, not making any eye contact with him as he got in the small bed beside me. Harry was about to say something, but I beat him to it. "Aunt Trish, can I play a game on your phone?" She nodded, "Harry has it." I gave her a confused look. "I let him hold it while you were in surgery so if anything happened, we can get in contact with him." I nodded, looking at Harry."

"Give me a kiss and you can have it." I leaned up, pecking his lips quickly as I held my hand out for the small device. Harry frowned before digging into his pocket and pulling out the phone, setting it in my hand. I typed in the password and skimmed through the phone, finding the games and clicked on, 'piano tiles.'I went on the arcade and started to tap away.

After a few minutes, I felt Harry watching me. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop." I mumbled, reaching 136 before tapping a white tile. I groaned, clicking on 'try again' and continuing. "Erm, okay." Harry mumbled, looking at the t.v. He didn't look at it for long, Jen walked in with a tray and a top over it. She walked over and set it down. "Mrs. Malik, the cafeteria is serving their best tonight, how about you go get some food." Jen smiled, her eyes flashing red. Trisha nodded and mumbled an 'okay' before walking out the room.

"Hurry and eat, a nurse is going to some in to check on you." Jen stated, taking the top off. Eight blood bags were on the tray. "Two for each, hurry." she rushed, walking out the room and shutting the door. Harry, Lexi and Zayn quickly grabbed two bag and started drinking. Me on the other hand, I looked at the bags like I would if I walked in on my parents having sex. "Bae, eat." Harry chuckled, looking at me. I glanced at him and grabbed the bag, bringing it up to my face and taking a deep breath.

Before I could comprehend everything, I already had the first bag down and started on my second one. "Bae you can still get hiccups, slow down." Harry stated, trying to pull the bag away. It was as if I had an arm had a mind of it's own, cause as soon as he touched the bag, my arm flew out and pushed him out the bed. He slid half ways to the door with a shocked expression. I finished the bag before he could get up.

"Damn greedy," Lexi laughed, Zayn and I joined in. "I'm sorry, its just, really good." I mumbled, setting the now empty bag down. They nodded in agreement, our laughter dying down slowly. Harry was at the end of the bed now, he was finished with his blood bags and set them on the tray. Zayn and Lexi followed his actions shortly after. I noticed Harry wasn't trying to start a conversation anymore, he was just looking at the wall, day-dreaming. I sighed, guilt taking over me. I crawled over to Harry and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry," I mumbled, laying down; setting my head in his lap. Harry looked down at me and smiled, "Its okay Bae," he stated, leaning down and kissing my nose.

"Okay, can we please just call her Baelee? I mean, I just want to laugh each time we call her Bae." I looked at Lexi, who was looking at us with a serious look. "Why?" I asked her, confused. She huffed and pulled out her phone, pulling up a ton of videos with men calling their girl, 'Bae' instead of Babe or Baby. I furrowed my eyebrows, "People are weird." I mumbled, "But yeah, I guess." Lexi put her phone back in her pocket, "Its not weird, it's 2014. Get used to it." I rolled my eyes, looking back at Harry. "I love you Ba.." Lexi glared at him, "lee." he said a few seconds later. I laughed.

The door opened now even a minute after. A male nurse walked in, he was smiling as he glanced up from his clipboard. "Baelee?" I sat up, raising my hand slightly. He walked over, looking a bit amazed. "You recovered fast yeah?" he chuckled, writing something down. "Yeah, I did." I half laughed, leaning on Harry's shoulder. "Okay well, that's all the papers says to do, so is there anything you need darling?" he asked kindly. "i need you to get the fuck out," Harry mumbled under his breath. I laughed and shook my head, "Nope." He nodded and walked to the door, "You sure?" I nodded. "I'm sure." The nurse gave me one last smile before walking out the room.

I grabbed Harry's hand, lacing our fingers together. "Harry, there's no need to be jealous." I looked at him, but he was looking at the door. "I'm yours." Harry looked at me, a smile appearing on his face. I smiled back, leaning up and kissing his cheek softly.

"Go get a room god damn." Lexi grumbled, looking away. "Shut up you whore," My eyes widened as I realized what I said. I looked at Zayn and Harry who were both laughing then at Lexi who looked utterly shocked. "Lexi, I, I didn't mean it-" She raised her hand as she shook her head. "No, you're right. I need to shut up." I was taken back but nodded. "Um, I'm glad you.. agree?"

Lexi looked at Zayn, "Come on, we're going." Only thing I heard was Zayn groan before they both were out the room.

"You made her do that, didn't you?" I asked Harry, not looking at him. "Basically." he mumbled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and kissing my temple lightly.

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