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I stood up as Harry walked in the room, a towel was wrapped tightly around his waist as he walked over to one of the unpacked suitcases. "Just open the door when you're done getting dressed." I mumbled, walking to the door.

As soon as I reached for the door knob, my vision blurred and I was pinned to the door by Harry. My cheeks flushed as I looked up at him, "Harry, I don't want to watch you get dressed." I already knew what he was thinking, I could just tell by the amusement that was set in his eyes. Harry chuckled, "Babe, you already know what's there so why don't you?"He asked, releasing his hands from my wrist and setting them on my waist. "Because you need your privicy."

Harry rolled his eyes jokingly, "Well you're going to see me naked one day, why not today?" I felt my cheeks heat up more, they must be the color of a fire-truck.  "How about later, when were not at my aunt's house." Harry removed his hands and took a few steps back, "Ok, you win." I smiled proudly before turning and walking out the room.

"Bae, did you dip your face in bright red paint?" Zayn asked as he sat down on the couch. I shook my head, covering my face with my hands. "No Zayn, I didn't." I mumbled, walking into the kitchen. Don't let Zayn answer the door. There was a knocking at the door as soon as Harry said that, I furrowed my eyebrows as I heard Zayn huff and start walking. "Bae, do you know a blonde chick that dresses like a slut?" I heard Zayn ask from the living room. Lexi. My eyes widened as I rushed into the living room, seeing Zayn look through the peep-hole.

"Zayn, Don't answer it." I said, grabbing his arm and pulling him away. "Why?" He gave me a confused look. "Um, That's Harry's um, co-worker. She's bitch and um, steals." My voice was shaky, I'm horrible when it comes to lying to Zayn; but it was only half a lie, Lexi is a real bitch. He stared at me for a moment, before shrugging. "Ok," then he walked back to the couch and sat down, as if nobody even knocked on the door. Just ignore her until I come down there. I nodded, not caring if he didnt see me then walked back into the kitchen, grabbing a pack of Oreos and walking into the living room and plopping down next to Zayn.

"Oh, Thanks." Zayn said, snatching the Oreo's from my grasp. "What- hey!" I said, reaching for them. Zayn leaned away, extending his arm away so I couldn't reach the pack of cookies. "Hi." he replied, what a smartass I thought, reaching for them still. "Zayn, I want some Oreo's!" I whined, I felt like a five year old again. Whenever Zayn came to visit or vise-versa this is what we'd always do. I glared at Zayn as he laughed.

"What-" Zayn said as the Oreo's were snatched from him and tossed in my lap. I looked over to see Harry, a smile on his face. "I got you babe," he winked jokingly before walking to the door. Zayn glared at me jokingly as I took a bite of the small cookie, "Ha, I win this time." I said, as I swallowed the food. "Yeah yeah," he mumbled, taking a few cookies and looking at the TV. The news was on, one of the shows I'm starting to hate honestly.

"Breaking news," the lady started, her face was serious as always. I zoned out, not really caring about what happened. Bae, come outside, now. I sighed, setting the cookies down as I stood up and walked outside. Harry and Lexi were at the end of the drive way talking quietly, Lexi looked at me, her eyes were full of sorrow which confused me. I looked at Harry, he was looking at me the same way. "What..?" I asked, confused. Harry opened his mouth, about to speak but he was cut off by Zayn who ran out the house, the door hitting the wall which echoed a loud bang.

"Bae, your mom!" I turned to him, my stomach dropping with the tone he used. Zayn hugged me tightly, "Zayn, what happened to her?" I whispered, my body seemed to freeze. "She," Zayn took in a shaky breath, "She commit suicide." It felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart. My knees went weak as I pushed Zayn away lightly, he stepped back; tears were slowly escaping his eyes. Before I could realize it, I was sitting on the ground curled up in a ball. My knees were to my chest and my forehead was on my knees as I cried. I soon felt Harry's cold embrase as he pulled me towards his chest, his hand lightly pushed my head on his shoulder as I sobbed.

"Bae, I'm so sorry." Harry whispered, kissing my head lightly. I gripped his shirt tightly as I continued to sob into his chest.

Zayn's POV.

I watched as Bae sobbed into Harry's chest, the girl was just standing there watching also. She looked awkward standing there, but she looked sad also. She knelt down, reaching her hand to Bae but stopped. "I'm sorry for your loss." she said loud enough for Bae to hear. She glanced at me, her eyes were a bright blue. She stood back up, shaking her head. She didn't seem like a bitch honestly, but I didn't know her truely so I couldn't really put my opinion out on her just yet.

A bright lightly blinded me, I brought my hand up to cover my eyes but they switched off as soon as it got close, "Zayn, Bae? What's wrong?!" My mom's voice was filled with worry, quickly I walked over to he and hugged her tightly. Tears were still escaping my eyes, but I didn't care; my aunt just took her own life. "M-Mom, Cindy passed a-away." I stuttered, my mom was already hugging me back. She said nothing, but I knew why once I felt my shoulder get soaked with her tears. We both cried silently, but she pulled away and grabbed my arm, she walked us over to Bae. We both bent down and hugged her tightly, she was still crying into Harry's shirt but I could tell he didn't care. We were now in a group hug, sobbing silently and wishing for Cindy back.

Bae's POV.

I was curled up on my bed, staring at nothing. I've been like this for a few hours. Everyone stayed up late just to make sure I was ok. "Bae," I glanced up at Trisha, she had bags under her eyes and her arms tightly around Zayn who fell asleep on her lap. We moved up here after about ten minutes of cying outside, it got too cold and it started to rain so they just followed me into Harry and I's room.  "Bae, I'm glad you have someone like Harry to be here for you." she said softly. Oh yeah, Harry and Lexi left a few minutes ago. Harry claimed he was going to get something to help cheer me up, but he told me I'm going to have Lexi see what happened. I don't know what he ment, but I just went with it.

I smiled slighty at her and nodded. She scooted closer to me, carefully lying Zayn on the bed. "I hope Harry doesn't mind," she mumbled as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. "But I can't pick up Zan and carry him to his room anymore." She laughed softly. I nodded. We were silent for a few moments until Trisha decided to speak again, "Bae, let me tell you something about your mom,"  I looked at her, the same stabbing feeling came back but I ignored it.

"She always wanted the best for you, she gave up so much for you." I nodded, knowing she's telling the truth. "Did she ever tell you what happened when she found out she was pregnant with you?" I shook my head. Trisha smiled widely, "She had this huge party. She was so happy and she loved you so much. She'd always read you bed time stories, she was always talking to you. There wasn't one second that went by when her attention was on you." I smiled, laughing slightly.

  "She became the person I always dreamed to be." Trisha added, giving me a light squeeze. "Her and your father were so in love, but it was tragic when they split. It was as sad as the Titanic, but she was still an amazing mom. She got a job, got an apartment and worked hard. But I know things changed when he moved away, which was heart breaking." I sighed, I almost forgot that. I was only four when it happened. "But Bae, she wants the best for you and she would never want you to give up or to be hurt." I felt my eyes start to water, I blinked a few times to try and hold them back. "But don't think it's your fault. It will never be your fault." I nodded, still not saying anything.

Trisha sighed, I guess she wanted me to respond but I just couldn't. I didn't trust myself to speak.

A light knock could be heard from downstairs, Trisha removed her arms. "I'll go get that and you get some sleep, you honestly need it." She whispered, kissing my forehead lightly. I nodded and laid down, pulling the blanket over me and wrapping it around me tightly. "Goodnight." Trisha whispered as she carefully got out the bed and walked out the room.

A tear escaped my eye as I closed them, I didn't bother to wipe it off. Slowly, I started to fall asleep, the darkness slowly taking over. But before I was fully asleep, I felt cold lips touch my cheek and Harry whisper, "Goodnight Bae, I love you."

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