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The whole rolmgrew bars as they nurses flipped with the on call ones and so on and so forth. The crowds dispersed and the only four left were the small group of Enthusiastic's Club members and the lone football captain.

School would be starting in a mere five hours and none of them moved from their seats, the cold linoleum hospital floors keeping them glued to their seats. They felt as if it was there fault, that if they had only taken her home this wouldn't have happened.

But fates inevitably hanging over them and if they had joined in on the car ride they would be sitting next to her right now in casts.

The doctor—Mr. Harrison—ultimately came back, but the news was even worse. "Due to her fragile state she won't be able to leave the hospital for quite some time. Her Leukemia makes her injuries and blood loss much more severe than normal patients—"

"She is normal, and no one can say otherwise." Adam growled, interrupting the health statement with anger.

The Doctor ignore him and continued. "Anyway, she can start to see visitors in a short minute, but only family members I'm afraid."

The friends nodded, all except Adam who just sneered at the Doctor before arguing. "Let me see her, she's my fiancé."

Mr Harrison looked taken aback by the eighteen year olds comment but decided to ignore it. He had been foolishly a teen once and he understood that in this dire of a situation a loved one would do anything to see the one he loved, no matter what.

Adam took the silence as a yes as he stormed the hallways of the hospital and by following the directions of the on-duty nurses found himself standing outside her room door.

There were so many emotions whirling around his head that he couldn't describe or control. He hesitantly stepped in and that's when he saw her, the bandages wrapped around her head, the cast incasing her leg and the small cut below her right eye.

She did get out lucky, the car merely missing her by a couple of inches at most—an almost fatal crash turned hopeful in moments.

The driver of the cargo truck was on the phone with his wife when he rammed into the side of Emma's truck earlier that night and was still waiting at the police station for questioning.

Adam pulled up a sad chair to the side of her bed and took the time to asses the damage done to his—well we can't put labels on it just yet, it's too soon.

She was hooked up to monitor after monitor, tracking her heart beat and her blood pressure— as well as her brain activity.

She later unmoving in a medically induced coma, her beanie casted off next to her on the nights as and her once new outfit bloody stained, laid on the chair next to him. Her body now covered in a hospital gown instead.

Adam could barely look at the bloodied dress and shuddered ever time he even thought about the accident, let alone May getting hurt. He was extremely possessive over her, but would never admit that out loud, especially to her.

She would probably say something along the lines of that she can take care of herself or that Adam doesn't have to worry about her but about the game this upcoming Friday.

Her eyes seemed to move underneath her eyelids in curiosity if the blackness and Adam couldn't resist laying his hand, interlocking their fingers together.

Her hand was as cold as ice but Adam didn't pull away, he wanted to warm her up the way he did when they were sitting on the porch steps.

He so badly wanted to be back there, where both seemed to be happy and content with everything that was going on around them.

But you can't always seem to get what you wish for, even when it concerned the Leukemia infested, unconscious, wounded teenage girl next to him.

One can hope, one can only hope for the best.

One can hope, one can only hope for the best

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