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Birth Name : Kim Jong-in (김종인)

Stage Name : KAI (카이)

Nickname : Kkamjong

Super Power (Badge) : Teleportation

Place of birth : Seoul Special City

Date of Birth : 14th January 1994

Horoscope : Capricorn

Nationality : Korean

Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group

School : Seoul Arts High School

Position : Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Visual

Family : Father, Mother 2 Elder Sisters

Height : 182 cm

Blood Type : A

Specialties : Ballet, Popping, Rocking, Hip-Hop, Jazz

Hobby : Reading book, listening music, and dancing

Favorite Music : R&B and Hip Hop

Favorite Food : Fried Chicken

Favorite Color : Red, Black, and Sky Blue

Favorite Number : 1

Favorite Movie : Pirates of The Caribbean

Main Dancer In EXO-K



-Appeared in HaHaHa Song CF with DBSK,

-Friends with SHINee's Taemin,

-he meet Taemin before they entered SMent

-has two older sisters

-Mentioned in The SHINee World Thanks To.

Jonghyun: '..a long way to go Jonginnie'

Key: 'to our toddler Jongin, work hard!'

Minho: 'our cute toddler Jonginnie'

-has three dogs. One (older) named 몽구 (Monggu) and the second (younger) named Jjanggu and the youngest Jjangah .Check the dog's here.

-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children so he played with them and tidied up the facilities

-Kai shares the room with D.O/Chanyeol

-Kai Is good at just about any game.

-took jazz dance lessons and ballet since the third grade

-when He saw Shinhwas performance he wanted to become a singer

-was accepted into SM in 2007 by SM. Best Youth Contest when he was in the sixth grade, but the agency told him to come back after two years since he was too young. Of course he returned and began his life as an SM trainee.

-his personality is warmhearted and he would like to treat everyone well, but when It comes to expressing feelings he gets awkward

-ideal type: Han Yeseul

-role model: Micheal Jackson

-music he likes: R&B, Hip-Hop

-the habit he often does is biting his lips

-favorite food: fried Chicken

-his fashion style is neat, he wears a lot of T-shirts with characters on them

-places he often goes are: SM's Rooftop and the practice room

-favorite colors: Black, Red, Sky Blue

-favorite movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean

-favorite number: 1


"...I'd rather bend then break..."

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