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Chaos by CastielU2002
Chaosby Castiel2002
1 huge mansion. 4 different groups. what could go wrong? - BigBang - BTS - Exo - Stray Kids - Ateez - TxT - Day6 -MonstaX
My Idol, My Muse | Jendragon by AmndLl
My Idol, My Muse | Jendragonby Mandy
Kwon Ji Yong & Jennie Kim A young idol apprentice knows who would be from the first moment the great love and role model of her life. While, the great star that one day...
Taeyang Oppa by DancingPanda77
Taeyang Oppaby DancingPanda77
One second, that's all it takes where your life drastically changes. I remember bouncing in my seat on my way to see my brother perform for the first time. But then I wo...
MY GANGSTER PROTECTOR ✔ by huntress2021
Dara's school, Bridge Rose University, was recently closed due to some stupid reason and the students had no choice but to transfer to the nearest university in the area...
Mafias Babygirl😈❤🔥🔥 by HuaAkihiko
Mafias Babygirl😈❤🔥🔥by Jay
You are 19 Years old and live very happy but one Day you meet a Man and this Man is....Jeon Jungkook.Your normal life will get messed up and you will get in Dangerous P...
Big Bang Theory ver 2 Ethan Harper × Chloé by N7Legion-Games
Big Bang Theory ver 2 Ethan N7Legion-Games
Ethan Harper is a brilliant Physicist/Engineer as well as a car guy. He has a collection of classic cars that would make Jay Leno proud of. What will happen when this gu...
Danger // BTS Fanfic by bangtansangel
Danger // BTS Fanficby Bangtan's Angel
"Now that's a good girl." You were on your way to South Korea to see your aunt, who you'd been away from almost a decade. It was supposed to be a two-week...
Kwon Siblings | vsoo  ✓ by euphoricninja
Kwon Siblings | vsoo ✓by ᴢᴇᴇ
What is it like to have 3 famous idols/good-looking brothers? Jisoo can tell you about that. Idols family members are dug up by fans. It seems that their family members...
Flower Road || A BIGBANG FanFiction (DISCONTINUED) by aviiiixxvi
Flower Road || A BIGBANG aviiiixxvi
Ash Lee was a doctor but she decided to be an actress of YG Stage. Her path towards her dreams kept on crossing with the members of a certain idol group and they eventua...
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Kpop Imagines  by gayforstay
Kpop Imagines by Travis Cantonwine
A whole bunch of your favorite idols' Imagines! COMPLETED Best rankings: #2 BTOB #2 VIXX #3 BIG BANG #19 GOT7 Read the second book!
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Big Bang's Bodyguard (Completed) by BBlover21
Big Bang's Bodyguard (Completed)by BBlover21
Five Men has everything a woman wants... Talent + Handsome + Famous = BIG BANG But add a psycho in it means DANGER And that's where I come in. To eliminate the threat an...
Indigo ━━ Blackpink. by serotonininterlude-
Indigo ━━ ℛ.
INDIGO . . . !! blackpink ━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🛋 𝒊n which the popular yg entertainment girl group, blackpink, debuts as five inst- ead of...
BIGBANG Imagines And Scenarios by Rebecca_VIP
BIGBANG Imagines And Scenariosby Rebecca_VIP
Hello there to my lovely VIPs. Hope you enjoy this book and if you have any request you can message me 😍 Love you all VIP Fighting 👑 BIGBANG Fighting 👑
Hyung,I Miss Us by -StarlightSkies-
Hyung,I Miss Usby LoveYourself
Big Bang is getting apart and not in one way with Seungri anymore.Seungri try to fix the problems he had made up but he is not strong anymore.He need his hyung.Sadly,the...
Foreign Girl || Kwon JiYong  by Khoul_
Foreign Girl || Kwon JiYong by Anna
When AC moves to Korea for her new job, she didn't expect to be working with Kwon JiYong. She didn't really know much about him at first, just that he's a member of Big...
BigBang Imagines and Scenarios by Jinn_Jinn
BigBang Imagines and Scenariosby Lee Soo Jin
BigBang imagines and a lot of short scenarios for the VIPS out there lol enjoy. Mainly Scenarios just to let you know. Also some imagines might come from tumblr when I d...
7 Bullies In Love | BOOK 2 by Yhopee200
7 Bullies In Love | BOOK 2by J'Yhope
K-Pop boyxboy by gaysarising
K-Pop boyxboyby Gays are rising
Wooo okay so I'm finally getting this book up. There will be,fluffs,mpreg, etc. REQUESTS are always open I will be doing the following groups: Stray kids Astro NCT SHI...
MPREG by gaysarising
MPREGby Gays are rising
Mpreg one shots. Boyxboy. It is fanfiction which means FICTION so don't come on telling me it's not possible blah blah blah. All stories have natural birth. If you don't...
Kpop mpreg oneshots by slimjiminUwU
Kpop mpreg oneshotsby Slimjimin
Complete!! A bunch of Kpop bxb mgreg one shots.