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Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk

Stage Name: Minhyuk

Birthday: November 29, 1990

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Dankook University – Musical

Specialties: Writing lyrics, composing music, rap making, exercising, acrobatics

Family: Parents, older brother


His role models are Lee SeungGi and T.O.P.

His favorite movies are The Dark Knight and Inception

His hobbies include watching movies, exercising, and rapping

His ideal girl is a lovely girl with lots of aegyo, and also with a cute smile.

His specialties include acrobatics, writing lyrics, and composing music

Minhyuk likes to listen to KPOP and hiphop songs.

Minhyuk wants to be close with Big Bang’s TOP (because TOP is his school sunbae). 

Minhyuk's favorite foods are beanpaste soup, cheonggukjang and potato rib soup. 

Minhyuk's hobbies/specialties are writing lyrics, composing, rap-making, exercising and watching movies. 

Minhyuk is a caring person. He is very caring towards others. 

During Minhyuk's trainee days, many people said that he looks like BEAST's Dongwoon and Infinite's Woohyun.

Minhyuk wants to work with Son Ye Jin. 

Minhyuk's ideal type is a girl with lots of aegyo and lovable. 

Minhyuk's role model is Lee Seung Gi.

Minhyuk's favorite color is black and white. 

Minhyuk's favorite number is 8. 

Minhyuk's favorite movies are "The Dark Knight" and "Inception". 

Minhyuk's motto is “Always be humble”. 

Minhyuk's usual fashion style is neat and dandy style. 

Minhyuk has a bad habit of streching (cracking/stretching joints in his body).Minhyuk has a bad habit of streching (cracking/stretching joints in his body).

 According to Ilhoon, Minhyuk is a very meticulous person and a perfectionist. 


via btobstory & BTOB.Intl

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