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Seungri Big Bang / V.I. (Lee Seung Hyun) profile: 

Birth name: Lee Seung-hyun 
Nickname: V.I 
Born: December 12, 1990 Gwangju, South Korea 
Origin: Gwangju, South Korea 
Genres: Hip hop, K-pop, dance-pop, pop 
Occupations: singer, dancer, actor, composer, lyricist, record producer, model 
Years active: 2006–present 
Labels: YG Entertainment 
Associated acts: Big Bang 

Seungri Big Bang / V.I. (Lee Seung Hyun) facts: 

Common nicknames are (Seungri / Victory) . 
Seungri first realized that Seungri wants to be a singer when Seungri was young, and watching Britney Spears and N Sync joint concert on TV. 
His approved style is G-Dragon’s style. 
Dress size M 
Seungri passe to sleep diagonally to avoid G-Dragon because Seungri is always holding him. In doing so, Daesung will be driven into a corner. 
Seungri conception it looked obedient when Seungri saw his skills improved. 
mom as # 1 on accelerate dial. 
G-Dragon makes wearing leggings one time during Gag Concert 
Seungri did not like it when people say that Seungri has short legs. 
G-Dragon would resolve as a friend if Seungri dating a girl. 
Says if not for music, Seungri will be a kindergarten teacher. 
As the youngest member, Seungri has the least region to hang clothes. 
As the youngest member, Seungri had to sit in the support seat when immense Bang scamper a car. 
As the youngest member, Seungri took the most unique outfit after another member. 
As the youngest member, at the time of joining the program Seungri had to wear the other members while others do not want to wear. 
Seungri manage schedules in the apartment. 
Once said that having a stalker would be fun. 
His nickname in school was BbenJilee. 
Once said anti-fans are composed the same with the fans. 
Seungri most confident with his elbow. 
Revealed that Seungri has been a fan of Song Hye Kyo, since the day “tubby House” aired, and his name has always been the ideal girl. 
Seungri likes likes microscopic and sweet girl who has a charm and style that comic. 
Seungri proud of himself when Seungri monitors himself standing on stage. 
First kiss: “9th grade / at a park on a rainy day with then boyfriend. We do it when we suddenly made gape contact. “-Seungri. 
Valuables for he is mp3. 
Once Seungri secretly write something sure about him, enormous Bang’s fan cafe, when Seungri read something poor written about him. 
Seungri registered at Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and Poppin ‘Hyun Joon Nam’s fan cafe earlier. 
Loves football so Seungri been to Park Ji Sung and Lee Young Pyo’s sites. 
A gift from fans who were touched Seungri is an album with more than 600 photos of him and their appearance on TV / radio. 
One of his approved songs is ‘Wheesung – Ahn Dweh Nah Yo’ 
Something wants fans to conclude doing is: skinship. Some people perambulate by touching and touching their buttocks. (….. Oops!) 
Sometimes feel awkward when Seungri alone with Daesung, but Daesung did not know it. 
Seungri wants someday duet with great Mama. 
Seungri wanted to try to write. 
Want to do a pizza CF. 
If you glean a girl from the fans, it will not wait long Seungri and ask cell phone number. 
One of his current artist is Justin Timberlake. 
A song that always sings at Karaoke is glimpse Photo [Vibe]. 
Seungri sang tickled Shares Company Manwon Episode himself as the first song written Seungri. 
Proud of ‘The Pride of Gwangju’ (his hometown) . 
Like when people talk about him … always. 
a group that received GuangJoo Culture Daesang (Award) . 
Seungri battle Shinhwa is a contestant who discontinue the point to because Seungri has no vocal ability than others. 
Got 81 points for grade 7, which is the best in school. But, having started dancing Seungri Seungri received 40 previously. 
Never received vocal training until Seungri entered YG. 
Seungri secretly cried when it was first rejected from a member of the tremendous Bang. 
Seungri was the last member to be picked to join the tremendous Bang. 
This fantastic dance skills is what makes it current in YG. YG says Seungri has the uncanny ability to form their hold dances. 
Seungri makes surprise dance created by YG himself. 
The first member of mountainous Bang to promote the solo songs (‘Strong Baby’) – from album group – musical performances. 
His first ‘Strong Baby’ performance was broadcast on SBS Gayo Daejun – 12.29.2008 


2006: The Next Day 
2008: Strong Baby featuring G-Dragon 
2011: What Can I Do 
2011: VVIP 


2011: VVIP 


2011: V World 


2008: Sonagi 
2009: Shouting 

TV Shows 

2008: Show! Music Core 
2010: Enjoy Today 
2011: King Of Idol 


2008: Why Did You Come to My House? 
2009: Nineteen

- He does not like when people tell him he has short legs (lol)

- His first kiss happened when attending the last year of high school in a park on a rainy day with his girlfriend. They kissed when suddenly they looked straight into the eyes.

- If he had not become a singer, he would have wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. (I can't imagine him)

- He never received vocal training until he entered the YG.

- Once he secretly wrote something positive about himself on cafe fan of Big Bang after he read something bad about him.

- He would like to try composing.

- To the question "If you fall in love with a fan what would you do?" said that if he fall in love with a girl from his fan base, he would not wait and would ask her mobile phone number.

- He used to sleep diagonally to avoid G-Dragon embrace him.

-He once said that the anti-fans remain fans.

-He decided to become a singer when he was a child while watching a Britney Spears and 'N Sync concert

-His nickname at school was BbenJilee.

-The part of the body of which he is more confident are the elbows.

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