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Real name: Jung Yunho 
Birthday: February 6, 1986 
Birthplace: Jeollado, GwangJu 
Blood Type: A 
Height: 184 cm 
Weight: 66 kg 
Favorite Color: Green 
Family: Father, mother, younger sister. 
Dream Girl: Assertive and responsible, someone who can guide him and has senses, long natural hair, big eyes, elegant look. 
Hobbies: Basketball, dancing, and writing fictional stories, reading manga 

Position: Bass Vocals 

Other Facts: 

-When its raining Yunho like to write novels. 

-He was once rejected by a friend he came to like. He asked her out with 100 lit candles to find out she only wanted to be friends. 

-Yunho is the best in the group in basketball. 

-He wants 5 boys and 20 girls. 

-His future message to his son is “I love you.” 

-He wants to name his daughter Jiyul. 

-He sleeps with his mouth open at night and diagonally on his bed. 

-He is Ambidextrous (meaning he can write with both hands) 

-He is talented in Martial arts. 

-He is the leader of DBSK 

-He is also the strongest in DBSK 

-He once saw a ghost, he refused to wake the other members because he did not want them to be afraid also. So instead he just cried. 

-He is very polite and a knowledgeable leader. 

-He is very competitive and won’t let himself lose.

-He likes to read unique fan letters (So make it special!!!) 

-He only kisses Yoochun. 

-Both Yunho and Junsu are addicted to beach. 

-He says he wants to openly watch yadong (adult movies) with the other members. 

-He used to steal Kim Hee Chul of Super Junior’s clothes. 

-He was poisoned by an anti-fan 

-He had a seriously bad throat condition, of which he had surgery on but it continued to swell up. Which is why he goes to the hospital 30-40 times a year. 

-He admitted he belonged to Jae Joong. 

-He has fallen off a 2 and 4 story building when he was young. (He was scared by a friend and fell.) Which is where the scars under his eyes and neck and forehead came from. 

-He met Jae Joong in a street fight. 




1.    Korean Name: Jung YunHo

2.    Chinese name: Zhang Yun Hao

3.    birthdate: Feb. 6th, 1986

4.    height: 181 CM

5.    weight: 66 Kg

6.    blood type: A

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