UNIQ - Sungjoo

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Kim Sungjoo (김성주)

Also Known As: Jin Shengzhu (金聖柱)

Birth Date: February 16, 1994

Birth Place: Incheon, South Korea

Blood Type: A

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68kg

Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main vocalist

Specialties: Korean, Japanese (conversational), Chinese (conversational)

Ideal Type: Loyal and filial

Favourite Colour: Red, black, blue, silver, white

Favourite Artists: Bruno Mars, Wang Leehom

Favourite Films: Action, sci-fi

Favourite Food: Roasted duck, ramen, salmon

Favourite Sports: Taekwondo, skateboarding

Favourite Animals: Dogs, pandas

Favourite Brands: Adidas, Vans, Nike Jordan, Chrome Hearts, Balmain

Dream: To be an musician

Most Unforgettable Moment: Stepping up on stage for the first time

Formerly a YG Entertainment trainee, Kim Sungjoo underwent over 1400 days of training before successfully debuting as the lead singer for UNIQ. He is marketed to be one of the top visuals for the group.

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