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Stage Name: Rap Monster (랩몬스터)

Real Name: Kim Namjoon (김남준)

Nicknames: RapMon, Leader Mon, God of Destruction (he breaks everything he touches)

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Birthday: September 12, 1994

Position: Leader, Rapper

Blood Type: A


-Favorite food: meat, korean knife noodles

-Favorite color: Black

-Favorite items: Clothes, computer, books

-Favorite number: 1

-Enjoys surfing the web, listening to rap music

-Habits: Rolling back shoulders, warming up my throat before "No More Dream"

-A word that describes him is Rapper, gag (jokes)

-Role model: Kanye West, A$SP Rocky

-In 10 years, he will be a rich rapper

-Family members: dad, mom, younger sister

-His dream: to give his voice to other people

-Likes clear weather

-had a hard time dancing in the beginning and still does

-If he was a girl, he would want to date J-Hope because he's like a mother.

-If he ever has a girlfriend who isn't an idol, he would write a song to her apologizing for being an idol.

-named Rap Monster because of his pre-debut song where he rapped "rap-rap monster"

-Has a good, strong aura on stage, but off of the stage, he is apparently very shy.

-has the best English

-trained for 3 years

-Ideal type: Someone with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, is pale, and looks good in a white t-shirt + jeans + red Converse

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