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『 moon hyo sun | SVT 14th member 』 by RlOTGEAR
『 moon hyo sun | SVT 14th member 』by m a c k
문효선 in which seventeen had 14 members instead of 13 solohuang ® 2019
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED} by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED}by Sunshine
All your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots here! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjoy...
Eric Nam: Super Junior's Vocal Maknae by MightyBrand3464
Eric Nam: Super Junior's Vocal BrandonH99
Born and raised in Atlanta, Nam grows up in a Christian household where he is exposed to music. He obtained the gift of singing during his time at a local choir. A big-t...
Kpop Reactions & Imagines by Indigo_PixiSky
Kpop Reactions & Imaginesby Indigo's Journal
‼️DISCONTINUED‼️ Reactions about the idols we love! *I do not do smut, but I can do suggestive ones!* *I do not write about idols in relationships, if they are dating/m...
K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shotsby JessxD
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
Snow [completed] by bbanjjakbyul
Snow [completed]by 🌸
Becoming their long-time fans and also admirer, Moonbyul of MAMAMOO never meet TVXQ and Jung Yunho, her ideal type. Everything changes when she's got featured in a new...
Exchange Student (A Dream High Story) by MightyBrand3464
Exchange Student (A Dream High BrandonH99
Loosely based on the K-Drama: Dream High. This is my own spin to it, some characters from other Kpop stories may be familiar. This is my own original Kpop story so any f...
BELOVED by CassYunJae909596
BELOVEDby CassYunJae909596
The eldest son of the Kim is pretty. He's known to be gentle. And he have a beautiful voice. But he is adopted. He's known to be painfully introvert. And he have an obv...
Unnamed Story  I. For you (Yunjae) by Cassiopeia__24
Unnamed Story I. For you (Yunjae)by Cassiopeia__24
Primera parte de la serie. Dos jóvenes dejan a sus amigos y familia atrás para poder conseguir una misma meta: triunfar en el mundo artístico. Para lograrlo viajan a la...
16 And Pregnant by Hong_Raina
16 And Pregnantby Hong_Raina
كانت تلك اكبر فضيحة على الاطلاق بتلك البلدة. و هي حين تمت مضاجعة كيم جاي جونغ من قبل افضل مسبب مشاكل، و سارق سيارات بالبلدة، جونغ يون هو. تحذير القصة ام بريج
You're My Melody by j0yc3ee
You're My Melodyby j0yc3ee
As the daughter of SME president, everyone would think she has everything. But for Seohyun having Lee Soo Man as a father brought her nothing but pain. Then she met TVXQ...
Slaughter in the SMTown  by Baek-Con
Slaughter in the SMTown by The Chicken
Everything was peaceful until one day, tragedy strikes as a legendary artist is pronounced dead. Now, it's up to Mark, Ten, Jaehyun, Johnny and Lucas to unmask the culpr...
Unnamed Story III. Love you to death / November with love... (Yunjae) by Cassiopeia__24
Unnamed Story III. Love you to Cassiopeia__24
Después de un aparatoso accidente Jaejoong despierta pensando que es el 2006 cuando en realidad han pasado más de 10 años después de esa fecha. Sus compañeros y ex compa...
Long time ago, SM universe was existed. TVXQ, SNSD, SJ, SHINee, f(x), RV, NCT and EXO revolved surrounding SM as the main axis. Something had caused SM universe to vanis...
Family Matters - Kookjin | Jinkook | Yunjae by fuckyeahjinkook
Family Matters - Kookjin | fuckyeah9792
"Nothing matters for as long as you love me Jin." "Yes it does. You have Jung's blood running through your veins. You're the last person in this world tha...
Thorn and Flowers/NCT 24th Member by alexa_eclipse
Thorn and Flowers/NCT 24th Memberby 🦇
Tiffany Horvejkul Sasithorn is known for being one of the most popular idols before debut, she is far from an angel and known for being the younger sister of a famous bo...
Through your eyes by wortenchaos
Through your eyesby 言葉の混乱
Jung Yunho es doctor en el Hospital de Seúl, como siempre, suele cubrir horas extras hasta que una noche su vida da un giro inesperado, haciéndolo elegir entre salvar un...
Tenías que ser tú⇝( Almas perdidas) by DIANA91girl
Tenías que ser tú⇝( Almas perdidas)by Diana-ShipperYunjae
Historia propia © La familia Kim y la familia Jung han estado enfrentadas desde hace varias generaciones atrás, sin embargo esa rivalidad se ha ido apagando con el pa...
THE CHANCE OF LOVE by ChromeHeart0710
THE CHANCE OF LOVEby Dong Sicheng 💚
Kisah seorang gadis biasa yang menikahi lelaki sedingin es, Shim Changmin.