ASTRO : Moon Bin (문빈)

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 Stage name: Moon Bin (문빈)
Real name: Moon Bin (문빈)
Nickname: U-Know MoonBin (유노문빈), Binnie (빈이), Sleepyhead
Birth date: January 26, 1998
Birthplace: Cheongju, Chungbuk (North Chungcheong Province), South Korea
Position: Dancer, vocalist, rapper, cheoreographer, actor
Height: 180cm
Blood type: B
Sibling: Younger Sister - Moon SooA
High School Attending: Hanlim Multi Art High School
Specialty: Piano, acting, Dance, Acting, Water Sport
Web Drama Character in 'To Be Continued': The charming boy with tender & warm heart. Someone that Eunwoo can rely on, he couldn't resist injustice
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- He is a child actor and model.

- He debuted in 2004 as child model

- In 2007, he appeared in SBS "Star King" as Mini DBSK - UKnow Yunho

- Previously known as Mini DBSK's Yunho.

- His childhood best friend is iKON's Jung Chanwoo and Kang Chanhee

- Moonbin and Jung Chanwoo shared the same date of birth, January 26, 1998.

- In 2014, he appeared in KBS 9AM/PM News "Hallyu Star & Gangnam Style: Trainee Interview" with Dongmin, Jin Jin, Minhyuk.

- He also played Kim Bum's child version in 'Boys Over Flowers'.

- In 2015, he was in Mnet's drama "Perseverance Goo Haera" in Episode 1.

- In January 23, 2015 @fantagio_iTeen revealed Moonbin as King of iTeen's Trainee, he trained the longest among other ASTRO's members.

- Since young, he always show his endless loves towards baby, toddler, and kids that younger than him.  

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