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Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)

Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン

Position: Guitarist, Vocalist

Date of Birth: May 15, 1990

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising

Specialty: Judo

Attraction: Chic smile

His Instrument

Paul Red Smith (custom 22)

Gibson (historic 1959, Les Paul electric guitar)

Carvin (custom shop bolt)

Martin (HD28)

His composition

Teardrops in the Rain (composed/written by Jonghyun)

Never Too Late (composed by Jonghyun/others)

그럴겁니다… 잊을겁니다… (I will… forget you; composed/written by Jonghyun) (composed by Jonghyun)

Eclipse (composed by Jonghyun)

Lie(composed by Jonghyun)

Kimio(composed by Jonghyun)

Komawoyo *title still undecided* (composed by Jonghyun)

His Other Works

High Fly (Acoustics OST)


1. Hello Kitty was Jonghyun’s favourite . He used to use pink colour Hello Kitty guitar picks!

2. Jung Shin revealed that: “ Jong Hyun only wears underwear while he is sleeping!’’

3. He was quite famous ulzzang before debut and nicknamed as “Ulzzang Baby”

4. He loves to use word “Hentai” to his Japanese fans lol

5. His favourite food is Dwejji Gukbab (Pork Soup) …Proves…

6. This boy will be talkative when it comes to food, but he not favor greasy food such as pizza and spaghetti

7. His CNBLUE OTP..i must say his OTP collections are the most famous in CNBLUE fandom

8. He is pedo!!! kiddin… he’s crazy bout kids …

9. He didn’t pierce his ears and never dyed his hair *good boy*

10. He spotted wearing same mysterious  ring on his middle finger *made BurningSouls damn curious*. Actually from my observation there is 3 rings that he always wear

click HERE for further reading and squealing

11. He never rarely buy new clothes/shirts/jeans. He only wears fan gift, other members clothes, or stealing other members gift … *He is stingy Busan Namja*

12. He always appointed himself as “Guitar Freak” (Guitar Jaeng-yi ). Actually ‘~Jaeng-yi’(=freak?) is for an old man who has worked for something for his whole life.

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