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Lee Jung Shin (이중신)

Japanese Name:

Position: Bassist, Rapper

Date of Birth: September 15, 1991 (1991-09-15) (age 18)

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 66kg

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Appreciating music

Specialty: Rap, Bass

Attraction: Eyes

Is a bassist and the youngest member of Korean Boy Band CN Blue. Lee Jung Shin also the tallest member of the group after Kang Min Hyuk.

100 Facts about Lee Jungshin:

1. Jungshin was born at Ilsan, on September 15th, 1991.

2. Jungshin position in CNBLUE is rapper and bassist.

3. Jungshin is the tallest but he’s the youngest in the band.

4. When Jungshin was a freshman in high school he was stressed out because he was so small.

5. But Going into high school, every year Jungshin grew 10cm and now, he got over 187cm.

6. Jungshin called “Untouchable” Because his own picture in his Japanese blog before CNBLUE debut, he’s rarely smiled.

7. Minhyuk is closest member to Jungshin. Because they’re same age, they can treat each other like friend.

8. Jungshin is the youngest in his family as well.

9. Jungshin thinks that maybe because parents taught him like a girl, he has always been obedient.

10. When he was a child, Jungshin was just a mischievous boy. He liked to play around with friends.

11. Jungshin loved carrying bags and put a lot of snacks inside ever since he was kid.

12. Jungshin said ”I have not changed this habit until now. I have to carry a bag with me everywhere.”

13. Jungshin got airplane as the birthday present when he had his 7 years old birthday and he couldn’t sleep after receiving it.

14. Jungshin’s child habits at weekends, slept in one of his friend’s house or slept together w/ friends in his house.

15. When he was a child, Jungsin and his family lived in apartment.

16. Once Jungshin wanted a puppy. He really wanted to raise Siberian Husky.

17. Every year children’s day, he nagged his parents to buy Siberian Husky, but they never bought.

18. The money Jungshin get from his company goes directly to his mother.

19. Jungshin contacts his parents often. Everyday he report what he did for one day through messenger.

20. Mother knows all of Jungshin’s activities. She monitors Jungshin’s work.

21. At first, Jonghyun used to tease Jungshin as Mama boy. It because Jungshin is very close to his mom.

22. For Jungshin, Food that made by his mother is full of love. “Mother’s taste is THE BEST!”

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