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|COMPLETE| "Sometimes I worry I won't find anyone, like I'm a butterfly stuck in a cocoon unable to spread my wings," "If you want, I can set you free.&q...
Kpop & KHH Femdom Oneshot 2.0 by LEE_MINHOS_MOMMY
Kpop & KHH Femdom Oneshot 2.0by Unknown Alien
The title says it all. The second kpop femdom book of mine. ❗DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANYTHING SMUT OR FETISH RELATED BOOKS!!❗
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Nursing Oneshots by gaysarising
Nursing Oneshotsby Gays are rising
Hello welcome to another story. This is a Kpop story This story involves male lactation, nursing, breast freezing (all the same thing) Mentions of mpreg. boyxboy Plea...
Kpop scenarios [Requests are closed] by Kpopanimefairy
Kpop scenarios [Requests are Kpopanime14
This is all for fun please don't take any of this fiction seriously. Requests are closed
Kpop Imagines  by gayforstay
Kpop Imagines by Travis Cantonwine
A whole bunch of your favorite idols' Imagines! COMPLETED Best rankings: #2 BTOB #2 VIXX #3 BIG BANG #19 GOT7 Read the second book!
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Kpop Memes by Alyshalion46
Kpop Memesby Hyunjin'sPonytail
It's all in the title... Will mostly be boy groups as I'm not really into girl groups. (There's a lot of Stray kids, NCT and Ateez) Hope you enjoy!
Kpop One Shots by NicoBogosipeo
Kpop One Shotsby NicoBogosipeo
These are going to be One Shot Fanfiction from my favorite Kpop Ships. They contain fluff, smut and harder things I don't normaly write angst cause I don't really know h...
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Korean One Shots {COMPLETED} by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED}by Sunshine
All your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots here! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjoy...
Kpop Imagines |REQUESTS CLOSED| by twaenicole
Kpop Imagines |REQUESTS CLOSED|by closed
Imagines for any members of any groups. Requests are closed for now for the month of April. If you have any questions please DM me ♡
Tomboy nerd with glasses /Park Jimin ✔️ by Draenbeat
Tomboy nerd with glasses /Park JustKpopPotato
Nerd with glasses. It's just normal thing for them, but what happens when they remove them?
A Silent Lover by AndreaWatts
A Silent Loverby Andrea Watts
Jung TaekWoon, otherwise known as Leo of Vixx, is famous for his chic silence in the world of loud and attention seeking idols. Never the most out-spoken person, being a...
 [COMPLETED] Why It Must Be You ? | Jennie Kim X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Why It Must Be Jenjen
[COMPLETED] How can I marry with my childhood friend? Its been a long time I never see him. Blackpink fanfic
[NEW] KPOP AMBW Imagines and Preferences by JayOmetric
[NEW] KPOP AMBW Imagines and JayOmetry
A safe space I created just for my multi black kpop stans! Please enjoy and don't forget to read the 'Disclaimer Chapter' I added for y'all :) Stay beautiful and Keep Re...
Kpop reactions!~ by wydjhs
Kpop reactions!~by 에밀리 || Emily
I've seen a lot of these on Tumblr so now i'm doing them on Wattpad :) ALSO CRÉDIT TO GIF CREATORS NONE OF THE GIFS IN THIS BOOK ARE MINE GROUPS:BTS, GOT7, BIGBANG,VIXX...
Heartless by Lee_YoungJin
Heartlessby Lee_YoungJin
Cryst used to be shy and a little bit of nerdy (although she begs to differ). But something happened and changed Cryst to be this rebellious, sexy and whatever she wasn'...
KPOP VERSION 💕 by Cim_Direction
KPOP VERSION 💕by yeowo’s knight
▷Would You Rather ▷Fuck, Marry, Kill ▷KPOP Questions ▷WWYD ▷Choose Your Bias (I'll add more categories soon) Highest Rank: 03/23/18 - #518 (Overall in Fanfiction) 05/19...
KPOP SMUTS(Request Closed) by maknae_C
KPOP SMUTS(Request Closed)by ParkBaekhyunnie
18++ TYPES: BoyxBoy OcxBias GroupxReader ReaderxBias BiasxReaderxBias BoyxBoyxBoy MembersxMembers KINKS: Master Daddy Mommy Teacher/Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Male Dom! Female...
kpop zodiac signs by shan_jungkook
kpop zodiac signsby • shan
your sign and your idols have fun [ lowercase intended ] [ mature content ] [ slow - updates ] I didn't copy right. If there are any similarities to any other...
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 [COMPLETED] Why It Must Be Us ? | Jennie Kim X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Why It Must Be Us ? | Jenjen
[COMPLETED] [Sequel after Why It Must Be You?] -- Every story has its ending. Happy or not its depends on their destiny.