Chapter 22

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Wonder Girl and I took our places in the arena. She has more expreanice than I do, but I have a chance due to my many powers, I'll just have to use them, without the others noticing and convince Cassy's mind that she was wrong. Right as she turned she charged, okay maybe I was wrong. As she charged I waited for the time to dodge of counter attack. As her foot came I calmly griped it in my hand and slamed her to the ground, without extra strength. It took her a few seconds of silnce, she got up. I light my hands in their blue flames and upercut her stomach. She flew back, and I wasn't even trying. She charged again with her wipe and it got a good grip on my wrist. 

"I can fight one handed." I smirked and punched her sendinger her flying, and it broke the whips grasp. 

"Okay, okay." She huffed."I'm done." 

"And the winner is Cold Flame!" Robin shouted. "The next two to fight is..." 


I think this is the shortest chapter I've ever done. Sorry?

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