Chapter 2

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I woke up, stretching. Frist morning with the Young Justice. Frist morning waking up... I thought. I stretched, and rubbed my eyes. The team accepted me pretty well. Surprisingly. They don't even know about any of my powers. I changed into my day clothes, and got ready. I went into the one room I memorized where it was, the kitchen. I poured cereal into a bowl and sat on the couch, and turned on the T.V.

"Clones. Yes folks I said it. Clones. We had them before, Super boy, Red Arrow, who knows what else is out there." The news guy said.

"Oh great." I mumbled.

"What?" I turned around and Artemis was making microwave pancakes.


"Oh really. I had secrets, plenty of them too. I spilled." She looked at me, she was trying to see what I was thinking.

"There is nothing to spill."

"Yeah, right." She said. "So what is this nit wit talking about this time?"


"Clones? Hasn't he done enough?" The microwave beeped and she got the pancakes out.

"Wait I think I know what's up."

"What?" I sounded more alarmed then I wanted to.

"You have some power or skill." She said and I let out a breath. "Like bows, or fire or something."

"Oh yeah." I said. "I do, its no secret."

"If that's the case maybe you can team up with us." She said. "Get a mentor."

"That would be nice..." I thought, and said out loud.

"Yeah when the teams up, we'll talk." Then she left to her cave room. I continued watching the news. I must have woke up pretty early. No one is up. But I was wrong. Night Wing, former Robin walked in.

"So your the new girl." He said. "Artemis says you have an, umm, ability?"

"Umm yeah." I said. Hurry think of one that you can hide most of them.

"What is it?"

"Frost Fire and archery."

"Frost fire?" He asked.

"Yeah, is somewhere I can show you?" I asked, I didn't want to freeze the kitchen of burn the couch.

"Yeah sure." He lead me away to a platform where two others were engaged in a fight. "You'll have to wait." The two fighters were, the new Robin and a kid in a blue beetle armor. There were in hand to hand combat and Robin was obviously wining. He flipped the boy and he lost.

"Good fight." Robin said patting his back.


"So Night Wing? Who will I be fighting?" I asked.

"Hmm..." He stopped and the portal made a noise and light up. Artemis, Megan, Super boy and a sea like boy came though.

"Hey guys, whatcha doin'?" Megan asked.

"Well we are trying out these so called powers of-" He stopped dead sentence.

"Rose, you didn't catch my name did you?"

"No I did not. Anyways we are see what Rose here can do." Night Wing finished what he was saying.

"Combat?" Super Boy asked.

"Yup." I said.

"Against?" Artemis asked.

"Well, since you guys are back... Why not one of you work with her while I go investigate." NightWing said and started to walk away.

"Okay then." Super Boy said is a simple shrug of agreement.

"Who am I going against?" I asked stretching my arms.

"What is your powers?" Megan asked, like everyone else.

"Frost Fire and archery." I replied the same.

"Archery?" Artemis asked. "Well then, guess it is meant to be."

"I don't have a bow anymore." I said. "Left it."


"No where." I said. "Anyways anyone have one I can use?" I asked.

"Yeah here." Artemis took out a foldable green bow and tossed it to me. I caught it.

"Arrows?" I asked.

"Ah right." She pulled out a few of her green ones. "You can use these. Don't worry they're not pointy." I took the arrows and placed them one the floor. Using a bit of acrobatics I'll be able to get them. We stepped onto the platform.


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