Chapter 30

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When I got back to the cell where Slick and I were to meet up, he hadn't arrived yet.

"Why'd we stop?" White Raven asked.

"I'm waiting to someone." I answered.

"You met someone?" Kid Flashed asked.

"We were cell buddies." I answered. The sound of running feet trembling the ground towards us. Slick was leading, but now he had a cloak over his clothes and draped over his face.

"Go!" He shouted. "All the way down is a hall!" We did as he said and turned and ran. Kid Flash help two injured and carried them.

When we reached the end of the hall,there were stairs that Kid Flash was already zooming up. The stairs seemed never ending, but Kid Flash had stopped.

"Come on, I need some help." There was another, smaller stair case, he was trying to help one of the kids he was carrying up while gripping the other on his hip.

"Here." Night Wing scooped up the child. And once again we were running up stairs.

"Left!" Slick shouted from the small group of people running. We did as he shouted and it led to a dark room.

"Shh." He was squished next to me, and pressed a finger up to his lips. The group got quiet. The sound of stopping feet thundering feet up the stairs, slowly faded away in the darkness.

"Let's go." Slick whispered and peered out the window. He singled with his hand that it was okay to go. We snuck around the building, hiding in random places to avoid getting caught. And we finally got outside. But outside was something, that would be a challenge to get through to get home. As far as the eye could see was white. Snow, white.

Last chapter of this book. I will be making book two; The Reaper

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