Chapter 29

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The madness of my cell started to get to me, but the boy, whose name I learned, is Tom, but I call him Slick, had a plan.

"Done." Slick said,and the collar popped right off his neck and he moved to mine.

"Nice work, Slick."

"Shut up." He said quietly embarrassed of my praise, and his nickname. He took a few minutes, but my collar popped right off my neck. I felt relived. I can finally see my friends, and the face of Slick.

"What's your power?" I asked him. Slick chuckled.

"You'll see." He said reaching his hand through the space in the bars. "I can't reach the keys." He said.

"Alright. Out of the way." Slick the moved and I lit my fist in fire and punched the door down.

"Nice." Slick said stepping over the door. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the light, but I looked to Slicks's face. His hair was midnight black, his eyes a silver. His clothes were ragged, but I must admit I looked like a mess.

"I have friends to save." I said quietly. "So what's the next step?"

"We free everyone. The cells should be on this floor and one more above us." Slick answered.

"Split up?" I asked when I looked around, from our cell there were two ways to go.

"Meet back here." He said.

"Okie-Dokie." I said, we turned to where out backs were facing each other and left. Every door I can to, I checked who was inside, seeing if this prison held any of the bad guys and didn't want to let them out. By the fourth door I had freed White Raven, Night Wing and Kid Flash.

"Do you know who all got kidnapped?" I asked as we jogged to the next door.

"No." The answered.

"Well, Let's get going." I said.

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