Chapter 15

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I leaned my ear against the door slightly and used some of that Super Boy hearing skills to detect what they were saying.

"With the Justice League gone, there is no one stopping us!" I could practically hear grin on Joker's face.

"Your forgetting the little league." Ra's al Gaul voice rang through the door.

Joker and Ra's are here. I thought to the rest of the team.

KF is running the woman to the Bio ship.  M'gann thought.

Alright meet me down here, quietly. I thought back to her.

Alright. She replied. I continued listening.

"I think someone's here with us." Simon.

They know I'm here. I thought to the rest of the team.

"By the 'sound' of her mind it sound like the little Martin girl." Simon said.

They think it's you, Miss. Martin. I thought to the others.

Get out of there. M'gann thought. I mentally nodded and made my way back up the stairs.

Where are you guys? I asked.

Bottom floor. An unfamiliar voice rang in my head.

No were on the level above the bottom floor! Kid Flash's voice said in my head.

On my way. I replied and ran up the stairs.

"I'm going to disconnect the telepathic connection if Simon is here he will be able to hear what were thinking." M'gann said once I ran, (at normal pace) up the stairs and joined them.

"So what's the plan?" I asked.

"Well Simon and I will engage in mental battle, you guys just worry about protecting me and taking the others down." Miss. Martin said.

"Lets do it." Kid Flash agreed.

Short chapter (Again) but the next chapter will be good! I am making another YJ Fanfic called Night Shadow and Frost Fire.

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