Chapter 6

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Super Boy chose fears, of course. He did not want to go though what he already did. The screen changed and moved to what was going on in his mind. He was trying to save  a bus full of kids, but it was too heavy. He kept pulling, when Superman flew up. "Your no son of mine." He said and just hovered.

"Help... Me." He chocked out. Superman nodded and flew to help. The seen changed, he was in a dark room, and the only thing viable was Super Boy, Megan, and Lagoon Boy.

"You were never the type of guy I wanted." Megan said. "Lagoon boy is much better." She smirked, then she and Lagoon boy leaned in for a kiss. Their lips touched, but Super Boy stayed where he was, breathing heavy and a single tear down his check, but he kept his cool.

The seen change again and he was in a tube much like the ones we were in now. He was awake and struggling to get free. Electricity went threw the wrist, ankle, and neck bands. He shuddered and feel still. I couldn't take it, I closed my eyes tight, I don't want to see a friend suffer.  I opened my eyes to cheek on him, but the seen was once more of him in the chair.

"The end." The man said, and the screen went fuzzy. "Next." He smirked. The others went to Artemis's tube and started to mess with the bottom of it. The moved it on the back two parts, it had wheels. They wheeled her out, but she struggled but it was no use. She was gone in a blink of an  eye.

"Now miss, what is your choice?" He asked.

"Testing." I said.

"Ah, I like the way you think." He said. "Your friend who went before should be back soon, then we can start the show." He turned to the door, waiting for Super Boy to come back. He did, he was in his tube and was unconscious.

"Awe, too bad. I was hoping he would be awake." He sighed and turn the T.V back to the fear channel.   Artemis was unconscious and strapped to the chair. There was marks in the walls, fist marks. Guess they forgot to strap Super Boy down. I thought.

The screen changed and Artemis was in a child's room. There was a poster of Alice in Wonderland and two beds. Artemis was sleeping on one clucking a small bear. A man with blond hair and a mean face busted into the room.

"Get up!" He yelled, but she stayed motionless. "I said GET UP!" He raised a hand and it ran across she face, but still she didn't open her eyes or move. The man growled, right before the screen changed. She was with watching a horrible seen. Kid Flash (Wally West, I am not making him die in my story) was dead with a bloody wound and my cuts.

"W-Wally!" She chocked out. She face was soaked in tears.

"Its not real Artemis!" I yelled to the screen knowing she wouldn't hear me. But the strange thing was, after I yelled, she stopped crying and sat. She dried the tears that stained her face, and turned from the body and starred at the audience. The screen changed, she was with the team, everyone except  me  was there. They were shunning her, backs turned shaking their head. Artemis hung her head but didn't move. The screen changed back to her strapped to a chair.

"That was an interesting show!" The man exclaimed smiling wide. "Next up, Testing with Doctors!"

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