Chapter 8

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"White Raven?" I asked.

"Yeah, now come on." She said jogging back to the room I was in before the testing.

"I told you to stay behind!" It was Night Wing. He was trying to lift a half conscious Super Boy. Artemis was trying to help. White Raven and I walked over and she picked up the other leg, while I lifted his left arm. We dragged him down hallways until we reached a door. Night Wing opened it and we continued to drag him. Miss. Marshin was waiting outside with a girl dressed like she was ready to assist a stage magician.

"Tfil" She said and Super Boy lifted from the ground. "That should hold until we get Wolf." And as she said it a large wolf was racing towards us. He skidded to a stop under Super Boy.

"Pord" And Super Boy dropped onto the wolf's back. The red jet we once came in landed.

"Come on Wolf." Night Wing said walking up into the ship and was followed back by the rest of us. I once again sat in the back, with Artemis.

"Was everyone's first mission a bust?" I asked everyone, and all most everyone shook there head in agreement. "Was it as bad as that?" I asked and many people shook their heads no. "Well then, there is a first time for everything, like.... Faking a death or something." I was talking to myself but the rest of the team heard me and gave me a curios look. "What? Did someone already fake a death?" I asked and everyone stayed quiet. "Well don't tell me." I leaned back in my chair and started to make little flames in my hand. The others were talking to each other quietly as I made patterns in the air. They kept looking back at me. I finally had enough and returned the gaze.

"What?" I asked.

"You said, 'Fake someone's death right'?" Night Wing asked and I shook my head slowly. "The thing is, about two years ago, we is end up faking someone's death." Night Wing said. "Artemis." Night wing sat on the chair in front of me and turned around. "She went under cover, deep with Aqua Lad." He started. He told me about how they went under cover and about when they were discovered. "Kid Flash almost died," Artemis whined. "He was trapped in the speed force before we found him."

"So aliens came and Artemis went under cover to defeat them and the light?" I asked.

"Yup." Megan said. "Pretty much."

"Well-" I started to respond but my head felt like it was being inflated, like a balloon. I crumpled in to the chair, holding my head. Each breath the pain grew, like the  balloon was being inflated more, almost about to pop. I closed my eyes in pain.

"Rose!" I snapped my eyes open, but I was not controlling my mouth or body.

"Hello Megan. Why isn't any one just whelmed?..." My eyes closed again for a few seconds, then they snapped open and I was in control. I held my head, some of the pain still there.

"What... Was... That?" Megan asked. "How do you know that?"

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