Chapter 3

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I shot my first arrow at Artemis, it was a foam. She shot a exploding one, exploding it, sending foam everywhere. Some hit her bow, making her grunt and smash it off, which gave me time to knock a arrow and shoot a net arrow. It caught her in, but she cut it quickly with the tip of an arrow. I took my chance and charged, which in most cases isn't wise. She recovered quickly and roundhouse kicked, which I ducked and kicked her other foot making her fall.

"Alright, alright." Artemis said getting up with a sneer. I smirked winningly.

"This is yours." I said giving back her bow and the left over arrows.

"How did you learn to fight?" Megan asked.

"Internet." I joked.

"Yeah sure right." Artemis said. "I plan to find out." She mumbled, but I heard, strange, I didn't know I could hear advanced, maybe it is from Super Boy or something.

"Team report to mission." Canary's voice ran though the halls.

"Come on." Artemis said and walked away.

"Don't mind her, she takes time to get used to new things. And people." Megan said with a light chuckle.

"Yeah I guess." I said shrugging it off, not everyone is easily fooled.

"Anyways, how long are you going to be here? I mean, you must have family or something." She asked as we walked.

"Not that I remember." I said, which was half true, I don't remember much before becoming, me.

"Really?" She pried.

"I don't remember much before Flash found me." I said shrugging once more.

"Kid Flash." She said. "Wally."

"Ah I see." I said.

"Anyways, maybe Canary will let you come along, you did beat Artemis in combat." Megan said.

"Cool, that would be kind of fun." I said as we walked in and holographic image of Canary.

"Savage and the Light are attacking citizens in Gotham and multiple other cities. Two banks have already been robbed. Megan, Super boy, Blue Beetle and Artemis as Alpha squad will go to the source in Gotham. Lagoon boy, Robin and Kid Flash, Bumble Bee, go to Metropolis and anywhere else and help others."

"What about Rose?" Kid Flash asked.

"Rose? Oh yes, she may go with Alpha squad." A blue bow and quiver of arrows came my way. The team ran to the ship, while the other team took Sphere . Everyone sat closer to the front, other than me, who sat in one of the back seats.

"Prepare to go." Megan said. "Oh and Rose, you're going to need a super hero name. And call me Miss. Martian when on a mission."

"Oh um, how about Frost Fire? Or Cold Flame?" I scratched the back of my head.

"Cold Flame." Super Boy said. "It sounds cooler."

"Cooler, ha, that was a pun." I laughed to myself, but everyone else was quiet. "Okay then."

"Super Boy, Artemis and Cold Flame deploy." Miss. Martin said. Artemis and Super Boy got up and I followed. A hole opened and we fell though. Using a arrow I zip lined down like Artemis, but Super Boy just landed.

Telepathic connection . Miss. Martin said in my head.

Great. I thought sarcastically.

You get used to it. Super boy said, or thought.

Here's the plan, Artemis, Super Boy and Cold Flame will find the source of the activity while Blue and I distract Savage. Miss. Martin thought. Contact if trouble.

Will do. Artemis thought. She also explained the plan.

I ran across the roof tops, heading for a sky scrapper. Almost there. I thought to the team.

Good, meet you there. Super Boy thought.

Meet you there.

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