Chapter 13

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My eyes fluttered open. I sat up and looked around, I was in the Cave on my bed.

"What happened?" I shook my head.

"Team report for mission!" Red Tornado shouted that rang through the Cave. I got up, brushed my hair and ran to join the others.

"The league of shadows is attacking in Washington D.C. And citizens are dying. We need you to help us deafeat them. Meet us there if we need back up." Then he was gone. We watched the screen that showed us the battle in Washington. Wonder Woman was taking down Poison Ivy while Batman took care of Joker. Red Tornado  was taking Atomic Skull and Martin Man Hunter was dealing with Ra al Ghul, Hawkgirl was taking down Cheshire, Black Canary was screaming at Hook. There was also a second in Happy Harbor screen with Hawkman and the rest of the league fighting Queen Bee and many, many other villains. Out of no where, they seemed to disappear.

"What.. What happened?" Kid Flash asked.

"Don't know, but we need to go." Robin said.

"We'll split up. M'gann, Rose, Kid Flash to Washington and take care of them, everyone else to Happy Harbor." The others went in the zeta-tubes while we loaded up in the ship. When we were all seated M'gann took off.

"We need a plan." Artemis said.

"Alright, we go in there and kick some tail." Kid Flash said.

'I'm cool with that." I said. "There is no stagey, we kick butt, give them to the prisons they need, go back, train, and start all over."

"Unlike last time." Artemis said.

"Likely that will happen again." I snapped back.

"Want to take the risk!" She barked.

"Do I care if I het tested on? Beating these guys do matter Artemis!" It was true.

"Well you guys cant help if you are fighting each other." M'gann said. Huffing I turned and looked out the window shield into the sky not paying attention to the world. 

"We're here." M'gann said. I looked down and all underworld was loose. Building in flames, children crying fro there parents, screams from citizens.

"I'm going, send me down." I said. M'gann nodded and opened a hole, I hooked my grafting hook, and slid down with my bow with Artemis following.

"I'll get the kids, take care of the citizens." I commanded her.

"Who made you in charge?" She asked.

"Just do it." I said while running to the nearest child's cry. I kneeled down to the boy.

"Shh, its going to be okay." I reached down and held out my hand. "Let me take you somewhere safe." He nodded and held up his arms to be carried. I scooped him up and secretly used some speed when no team member was looking to get him to the ship that had landed. I continued that processes until the children came with us or e found their parents.

"I think that was all of them." I said jogging up to Kid Flash.

"Now we find the people who created this mess." He said.  

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