Chapter 23

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In the middle of the battle that was after mine, alarms sounded and flashed red.

"Wha's going on?" I asked as the fight stopped.

"Everyone, main area!" Robin shouted and ran off with the rest of the group following. Batman, Canary, and Green Arrow were waiting.

"We have a big mission for the Young Justice Team." Batman began. "Everyone needs to split into groups of three." Everyone began paring up.

"..." I looked around for people to pair with. White Raven walked beside me.

"Be my partner?" She asked.

"Sure." I said turning to her. "Who else?"

"Hmm?" She looked around. "I don't know."

"I guess we can just take who ever doesn't have a partner." White Raven said, but there was no one left.

"Guess we'll be a group of two." I said.

"Yeah." She said.

"So what's wrong Batman?" Beast Boy asked from the crowd.

"We have found a facility that has been experimenting with DNA." Batman said.

"And we would like for you all to follow our plan. " Canary said.

"Teams line up." Green Arrow said, which we did.

"We will count you off into ether Team A or Team B." Batman said in his deep voice. They went down line and counted teams off.

"Team A." Batman said when he pointed his finger to us. And once they were done counting the teams they split into other sides of the room.

"Now Team A," Green Arrow looked to the right side of the room where Team A was. "Will infiltrate the building we believe is causing the tests. And Team B, will stand gaurs around the building and provide as a back up team and gaurds." The room was filled with nods.

"You have one hour to prepare." Canary said and everyone left the room. White Raven left to her room as I did mine. DNA testing..? Could it be them? Nah, it's a small chance. I put my hair in a new pony tail and prepared to attack.

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