Chapter 19

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"Two dogs! Are you crazy!" Artemis exclaimed.

"They needed a foster home, we have plenty if space." I said.

"And who will be cleaning up after them?" She asked.

"Me, when I'm home."

"When your home?!" She asked.

"Arty calm down." Kid Flash said.

"I have school." I said.

"School? Since when?" She asked. "And where?"

"Since like yesterday, and Gotham South, why?" I asked.

"Gotham South, how did you get in?" She asked.

"Well, since they couldn't find anything I took this test and got in." I replied shrugging. "Why do you care if I go to Gotham South?" I asked.

"No reason." She said. I raised my eye brow but let it pass. I fed Shadow and Robin and let them chill around the Cave. I made myself a sandwich for dinner and jumped into bed. I laid away, staining at my roof, making little patters. The thing was, I really wasn't that tired. Soon though my eyes became heavy. I let sleep take over, slowly leading me into my own little dream world.

I pushed up my glasses from my nose as I explained to Cole about his math. Yes he was older, but in school wise, I was the older one. The doorbell rang,causing us both to turn away from his work and to the door.

"Who could that be?" I asked. Shrugging, Cole went to the door. A tall buff shadow was all I could make out through the night sky.

"Hello, may I speak with Rose?" The shadow asked.

"Why?" Cole asked crossing his arms.

"She has been , up to no good." What? Staying after school in the library was a crime? This guy is just making things up. Cole made our, trouble hand signal for me go upstairs and away from the situation. I walked upstairs like nothing was wrong, but then stared to run. As I ran to my room I pulled open my window that already had the frame taken out, in case of emergencies. I jumped onto the roof without a sound and there was a bang below. The man had gotten inside. I closed the window, to make t look like I never got out and ran across the rooftop the gutter. I slid down the gutter and pulled out my hoodies hood. I stared to gather speed the farther away I got away. A screech of tired made me sprint as fast as I could to Cole's girlfriend's house. She lived a few blocks away, but I've made it before. I made a sharp right, I would have to make a detour to get this guys off my back. I thought. I made a sharp left as it came and I could see the top of the greenish house.


I fell to the ground and pain engulfed my abdomen. I-I've been shot. A scream escaped my lips.  

 I woke in half scream.

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