Chapter 28

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When I slowly opened my eyes I was in a dark, the only light coming from a small window covered in bars. And something heavy was hanging from my neck. When I touched my neck, cold metal stung my fingers.


"Shh." A light hush stop my talking. I thought I was alone, but it seemed not.


"Shh!" This time the hush was louder, but I could tell it was a man. "Shut up already!" He yell whispered. I tried scooting closer to the boy who was continually hushing me.

"What are you doing?" I asked in a low whisper. I couldn't see his face, but his hands seemed to be fiddling with something.

"Trying to do something." His voice seemed calmer than before.

"What?" I asked in the same low tone.

"See that window?" He asked, his finger pointing to the source of the little light we had. "If I can get this collar off I can slide out."

"Powers?" I asked.

"Yes. Now quiet, before they hear us and you disappear the others who get caught." The boy stopped talking to the remainder to the time I was still awake. Tired and a tad confused I fell asleep thinking about the others, and what the bot meant by what he said.

I only saw to back, of what seemed to be a boy in ragged clothes. It was silent. I don't know how long I stood there in the silence staining at his back, when the sound if a water drop taping the ground awakened me.

When I sat up, I was back at the dark room and it was quiet, so it seemed the boy had fallen asleep. Sighing to myself I laid back down wanting sleep to take me away from where I was now. Away from the fear. But it didn't. I couldn't fall asleep. I just laid in the hard stone floor looking up into the darkness.

"Awake?" The boy asked in a quiet whisper.

"Yes." I replied.

"Oh." Was all he said, like it was disappointing.

"So did you finish the thing you were trying to do?" I asked in a whisper.

"Almost. But the people will be bringing some food soon." He said. And sure enough the door opened and slid in two trays. But each only had a glass of water and a biscuit.

"What is this? Mid evil times?" I mumbled under my breath before eating. The bread was dry so I ended up drinking half my water to was it down. I took the cup off the tray, so they wouldn't take it back. The boy returned to doing whatever, leaving me to stair at a wall and think.

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