Chapter 24

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"Rose, are you ready?" White Raven called through the door.

"Yeah." I opened it to find White Raven in her battle outfit.

"Let's get going then." She said. We walked back to where we began and a few other teams had already gotten ready.

About ten minutes later everyone else had arrived.

"Everyone on the Bio Ship." Green Arrow said and everyone began 'loading' themselves into the red ship.

"The area we are going to is in Metro City." Batman began. "Flash found it." Could it really be the people who added all the extra DNA to my blood system? Or is it just a false alarm, or copycats? I began second thinking this mission.

"We'll be fine." White Raven turned to me an patted my shoulder. Not what I was thinking but okay. I returned her a nod.

"Want some gum? I chew gum when I'm nervous." She held out a pack of Polar Ice flavored gum.

"Yeah sure." She opened the pack and slid out two.

"Here." She handed one to me.

"Hey can I have a piece?" Beast Boy leaned over.

"No." White Raven said sliding the gum back into her back pocket.

"Fine. I didn't want your gum anyways." He huffed and turned back around.

"So what's the plan when we get inside?" Someone asked from the group of 'little heroes'.

"Find the source. Or," Batman cleared his throat.

"Their leader." Canary finished for him.

"Yes." Batman said.

"That's it?" Someone else asked.

"Kick some bad guy tail!" The obvious voice of Kid Flash shouted from the crowd.

"Yeah sure whatever." Green Arrow said. The Bio Ship flew for a bit and then landed.

"We are landing a bit away." Canary said. "Stealth mode." I raised an eyebrow about what she meant, but then some peoples' costumes turned from their normal color to black and gray. Even White Raven's turned black and white.

"Here." She poked my shoulder.

"What was..." I stopped and my outfit had changed color. "When...?"

"Don't ask." White Raven sighed.

"Okay..." I said.

"Okay is everyone ready?!" Canary asked from the doors of the Bio Ship. "Team A move out!" Half the Bio Ship's people made it's way out.

"Spread out. Don't go in groups bigger than the three person team." Batman said.

"Yes sir!" Was said from the Team A crowd.

"Now go!" Green Arrow said. Everyone spread like ants leaving their home. White Raven and I started in a jog but slowed to a creeping walk when the tall building came in sight.

"Are you ready?" I asked White Raven.

"Oh yeah." She said and we crept inside the back doors of the place. The earpiece in my eat began to make the rustling sound.

"White Raven and Cold Flame, cover floor eight." Batman's voice said through the piece.

"On our way." We began running up the winding stairs.

"Floor... Eight..." White Raven huffed as we ran.

"Let's slow down so we'll have energy." I said, but really I was fine.

"Okay." We slowed to a walk again and pushed our way up the dark stairway until we came to a door with a sign; Floor Eight.

"Let's get this over with. My show is on in two hours." And we creaked open the door and..

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