Chapter 27

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The left hall we turned into seemed longer than the other.

"Batman, how long is this hall?" I asked on my intercom, also known as earpiece.

"There should be a door coming up." Batman said.


We walked, and a door did appear. But when we opened it, Night Wing and Kid Flash was not there. Instead was a gang of shady chacters.

"Again? Did someone leak the plan?" I sighed. "Well, let's just get this over with." I lit my fists. They each had their own power. When about half the gang was out cold on the floor, White Raven was held down by two men.

"Oi'!" I shouted and speed ran to assist her. I kicked one away into a wall, hard enough to knock him out, and with the other I ended his rain of terror with an uppercut punch.

"How- How did you get here so fast?!" She was alarmed.

"Okay, it's looong boooring story. I'll tell you when this whole mess is over with." I said. "I just hope no one else saw that...." I whispered to myself.

"O-okay. I guess your right." And we began running to find Night Wing and Kid Flash.

When we found them, they were in a room a bit ahead of where Batman said they were.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We were attacked." Night WIng said, doing some tentical things on his watch. "Someone must have leaked the plan."

"Do you mean a Mole?" White Raven asked.

"What else could it be?" Kid Flash was obivously angery.

"Hmm, yes. But we must not skip to-" I was sent flying backwards into the nearby wall, sliding down. Chunks of cement and wall was blown from the other side of the room and had colided with us. My vision danced with stars, but I strained to see whom had attack us, but it was probably someone who works here, that being in a logical sense. I couldn't see who was there, so I turned to my comrades; Night Wing was knocked out, Kid Flash was pushing off a piece of wall that had landed on his leg. White Raven was stuck under a large piece.

"Who's there?!" Kid Flash shouted.

"It's not like they're going to come out and inroduce themselves!" White Raven was tring to worm crawl out form under the debrie that she was under. I sat up a shook my head out of the stars. "Now help me out! This this is crushing me!"

"Oh, sorry." Kid gripped the side of the chunck and picked it up about an inch. I slide my arms under her's and slid her out.

"Can out walk?" I asked her.

"I don't think so." She said. "Watch out!" She pushed my head down, to avoide a flying Kid Flash, that was once again agaisnt the wall. People, in gas masks, and white clothing suddenly filled the small room.

"You...!" Kid Flash rushed, and when I say rushed I mean it. He colied with one of the men hitting him with his outstreatched arm. I also got up and lit my fists in it's blue flames that licked up my arm. One of the men came running, but I sent him to the ground with a punch.

"Behind you!" Kid Flash shouted something. I turned around, but as I did I nearly got whiplash, and a man's fist was about an inch from my face, and then it felt like time was slowing down. I zoomed behind him and kicked him forward, when it began to feel normal again.

"How...  Did you do that?" White Raven's question seemed as quiet as a whisper, but there was no time to explain. More of the men filled the room, faster and faster. Forgeting about staying in cover and thinking about the condidtion of the others I charged. Using Kid Flash's speed I ran into the group, using Super Boy strength I smack my elbow in to one to them as well as punching another. They weren't strong, but they had there powers in numbers. I thought my energy would be gone, but adrenilan had filled the space, keeping me fighitng. It seemed Kid Flash didn't care about my strange powers then and there and was too fighting for not only his life, but for the life of his friends. Kicks to my adoman, punches to my jaw, all there attacks were slowly taking affect. My body erupted in tall, hot, blue flames that suddenly made the room rise at least ten degrees. I couldn't lose, for White Raven, for the knocked out Night Wing, and for the fighting Kid Flash. But determenation didn't seem to be enough and I was taken to the ground and pinned down. I struggled but one of them placed a rag on my mouth making it had to breath, my struggle began weak and I passed out.

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