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Sleeping With Arrows by izzyxsivan
Sleeping With Arrowsby 🌹izzy🌹
Aurora Allen was an orphan, given up by her biological parents before she had even known what a family was. She remained in an orphanage until age eight, looking after t...
  • oliverqueen
  • arrowverse
  • dccomics
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ᗷEᗩᔕT| ᗩᖇᖇOᗯ by Bee9018
ᗷEᗩᔕT| ᗩᖇᖇOᗯby Tribrid ❦
"Are we really going to do this again? We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time." Isabella Lance, the adoptive sister of Laurel...
  • hybrid
  • tommymerlyn
  • theaqueen
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Oblivious ~ Superman Love Story ~ Completed by FinnishUnicorn
Oblivious ~ Superman Love Story DaughterOfSatan
Meet Fae. She works at the daily planet is clumsy and as fragile as glass. Superman has been seen saving her multiple times, and soon he starts to appear even when sh...
  • ốc
  • love
  • greenarrow
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Dark Angel 》 Arrow by lovethebreeze
Dark Angel 》 Arrowby lovethebreeze
The name of the island they found us on is Lian-Yu. It's Mandarin for "Purgatory." We've been stranded here for 5 years. I've dreamt of our rescue every cold b...
  • diggle
  • thearrow
  • felicity
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Flash X Reader by XD_Sockmonkey
Flash X Readerby Amie
A book where you go on an adventure with the Flash. Flash X Reader AU of the CW's Flash. ⚡️ I do not own any characters Slowly be...
  • barryallen
  • trailblazers
  • oliverqueen
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In My Time of Dying by Crimson_Graves
In My Time of Dyingby Virginia Rivers
When a dangerous criminal escapes Iron Heights, Felicity finds herself in his clutches. With no one knowing she is even missing, will she be saved in time before the dan...
  • greenarrow
  • love
  • wattys2017
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• Marvel/DC Ageplay and Kidfics • by thejerseydiaries
• Marvel/DC Ageplay and Kidfics •by ·*ೃ what cute ·*ೃ
So I haven't seen a lot of Marvel / DC ageplay stuff, and since ageplay is to reduce stress, I figured this would be a good fandom to do this with. I've done a lot of ag...
  • marvel
  • wonderwoman
  • superfamily
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Blue (underconstruction) by 0superher0
Blue (underconstruction)by 0superher0
(Written four years ago and I think it's crappy but own 2017 Oliver Queen/Arrow Watty Award) One Hood, Two hood, Red Hood, Blue Hood. Green Hood, Black Bird. Oliver Qu...
  • green
  • blackcanary
  • greenarrow
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Lost and Found by Vampirediaries1996
Lost and Foundby Vampirediaries1996
Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I'...
  • flash
  • theflash
  • oliver
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My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Allen x Reader) by Pukaii
My Scarlet Speedster (Barry Queen Ashley
Barry meets (y/n) in the third grade. She has been with him through everything as well with Iris. After the particle accelerator explosion occurred, Barry lost all his m...
  • caitlynsnow
  • felecitysmoak
  • flash
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Won't Let You Down (Book Two of The Unmatched Records) by WritersBlock039
Won't Let You Down (Book Two of Miss Moffat
"So, no matter what you need me for, no matter who or what you're facing, I will not let you down." ~ Oliver Queen, "One Call Away" Three months afte...
  • jamesolsen
  • cadmus
  • blacksiren
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DC Comics Imagines 2- #Wattys2018 by batmanwife13
DC Comics Imagines 2- #Wattys2018by batmanwife13
Hi, thanks for choosing to look at or read my DC Comics Imagines Book 2!! There are some slight changes since the first book, but nothing you guys won't or shouldn't lik...
  • shazam
  • brucewayne
  • joker
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Running Out of Time (Barry Allen/ The Flash fanfiction) by agent_april
Running Out of Time (Barry April Marie
7/30/16: #371 in Fanfiction 8/3/16: #362 in Fanfiction 4/23/17: #372 in Fanfiction 5/--/18: #2 in #theflash She can control time. Speed it up, slow it down, or just plai...
  • barryallen
  • romance
  • centralcity
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Ghost King meets Oliver Queen  by 2many_Fandoms
Ghost King meets Oliver Queen by Confuzzled_Patton
Not gonna add a description cuz I suck at them. B4 u read just lettin' ya know there ain't no Solangelo in this, i ship em but for the purposes of this story Nico may ge...
  • greenarrow
  • hoo
  • pjocrossover
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Marvel and DC Imagines by SirFlabsAlot98
Marvel and DC Imaginesby Abi_p_98
A collection of short, long, fluffy, cute, emotional and the occasional smutty (maybe?) imagines based upon the characters from the Marvel and DC universes!
  • batman
  • greenarrow
  • avengers
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Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrow by Netherendpearl
Don't Miss ↣ Oliver Queen; Arrowby lovably malicious
↣ What do you get when you take a twenty-three year old girl, add seventeen years of martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and competitive dan...
  • dc
  • olicity
  • arsenal
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Repercussions of Changed Realities (arrowverse fanfic) by SuperFlash0109
Repercussions of Changed SuperFlash
This story continues after the 2018 Arrowverse crossover where they put time back. But instead of everything going back to normal, there are some differences in the tim...
  • saralance
  • dinahdrake
  • barryallen
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My Name is Thea Queen, I Am the Arrow by CFCPD6181321
My Name is Thea Queen, I Am the CFCPD6181321
My name is Thea Queen, for five years, since I was 12 years old, I've been tried on a island with only one goal...survive. I've returned to Starling City with one goal...
  • saralance
  • redarrow
  • malcommerlyn
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The Starling Vigilante [Watty's 2015 Award Winner] by paintpastel
The Starling Vigilante [Watty's emily
Trust no one. That's what a friend told me. My dreams shattered, I never thought fate would take me from Central City to Starling and change my life forever. All those y...
  • stephenamell
  • barryallen
  • eddiethawne
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You Are My Girl (Olicity) - Finished by peetaology
You Are My Girl (Olicity) - sarcasm personified
The story of Felicity and Oliver. A spirited IT girl and a playboy billionaire with a secret.
  • felicity
  • olicityotp
  • arrowcw
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