Chapter 4

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I ran, silently in the halls, my hands the only way of knowing where to go. My right hand meet air, and I turned right, but I ran into something, or someone. I stayed quiet and backed away slowly. I reached my hand out, but it was just air.

"Just my imagination." I mumbled to myself and continued traveling though the dark hall ways.

Made it. You guys close? Artemis thought.

Getting there. Super Boy thought.

I'm close. I turned left and ran into a large, dimly light room. Artemis and Super Boy were already there.

Savage and the Injustice should be here soon. Artemis thought. Take cover. I slid into the vents and waited.

"The justice team will be here any minute." I looked out the vent. Joker, Savage, Poison Ivy, and Atomic Skull were now in the room.

"I'm counting on it." Savage said.

He knew we were coming? I asked mentally.

I don't know. Artemis thought. I'll go in first, then Super Boy, then Cold Flame. Artemis crept out of her spot, arrow knocked. She shot it at their feet.

What was that!? I asked.

Knock out gas. Artemis thought. Should take them out easily.

Then why did we all go? I asked.

Back up. Super Boy thought glumly. They're still awake. Super Boy said.

How can you tell? I thought.

I can feel it. He replied.

No, he's right. Back up, Super Boy now! Artemis thought and Super Boy jumped out. He swung punches at Atomic bomb, while Artemis took on Poison Ivy. I jumped out and slid down and kicked Joker onto him bum.

"Your mistake." Smoke came out of his back pockets.

Joker's laughing gas. Don't breath! Artemis thought. She threw little things that Super Boy put in him mouth. I did too. I could breath. I swung a roundhouse kick his way and while he was down I used my heel to knock him out. Easily done.

Savage. I thought. I nocked a foam arrow and searched the smoky room. A large figure got up from the ground. I shot the arrow at him.

"Cold Flame!" It was Super Boy.

"Oops." I said quietly. "You can easily get out." I shrugged as nocking a net arrow. Poison Ivy and Artemis were both knocked away from each other on the ground. I shot the net arrow at Poison Ivy ad caught her in the net.

"Thanks." She said getting up. "But I could've done it myself."

"Hey, you were on your butt." I sneered.

"How.. Never mind. Find Savage." She let go of whatever on her mind.

"Yes mom." I said sarcastically.

"Stop arguing!" Super Boy shouted.

"She started it!" We yelled together.

"I don't care!" He yelled as he punched Atomic bomb.

Laughing. Joker was awake. I knew I took him out to fast. I growled under my breath.

Bang! Pain in the back of my head. Black spots coved my vision before I landed on my back.

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