Chapter 10

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My body commanded that I got up, but my mind latched on to my dream.

"Rose!" A older boy asked walking up.

"Yes, Cole?" I turned to meet his bright face, with blonde hair and green eyes.

"Can you help me? Alice will be here soon, and I have know idea what to wear."

"Well you can-"

"Rose mission!" There was a loud knock at my door. My eyes shot open, I brushed my hair quickly and ran to meet the team.

"Took you long enough." Grunted Artemis.

"Not a morning person?" I asked smirking. She rolled her eyes and turned her head to the holographic screen. Black Canary was there.

"Banks across America have been being robbed." She said. "Aqua Lad, Night Wing, Kid Flash, M'gann, and Beast Boy go to where we believe the robbery will be, in Central City. Everyone else will not be going."

Well good. I thought, but I don't really think I meant it. Artemis grunted and started to walk away. I turned and walked to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. I need new clothes. I realized that these clothes were starting to stink, they smelt like sweat and smoke. And its the middle of the school year. I need to go to school. It was Saturday and that was why everyone else was not gone. Rolling my eyes to myself I paused. It was Sunday, of last week when we disappeared. We were gone six days? It felt like only a few hours. I thought. I hope KF doesn't mind his bike will be gone... I walk to the garage and hay wired the yellow bike.  climbed on and speed to Gotham. I enrolled for South Gotham High. I choose band, art and creative writing for my electives and helpfully I got them. I started looking for a job, I really needed new clothes. I crossed a animal shelter with a wanted sign and walk in.

"Hi. How can I help you." A worker asked.

"Hi my name is Rose and I saw the wanted sigh." I started. "What kind of work is it?"

"Well you will be working with the dogs, feeding, watering and playing with them. You must like dogs and must be active." She told me the rest of the requirements.

"I would love this job!" I exclaimed.

"Alright, your hired. When came you start?" She asked.

"Today? Tomorrow?"  I was quiet excited.

"Tomorrow." She stated. "Be here at eight." I nodded and headed back to the Cave. I pulled in, parked and headed to the kitchen. I was starving. When I walked into the kitchen Artemis was leaning against the counter.

"Where have you been?" She asked.

"Looking for a job, why?"

"Because most team members don't just leave, taking someone else's bike." She said. "Wally's bike."

"I have only been gone for like two hours, how did you know?" I asked.

"I went in the garage open and Wally's bike gone." She stated.

"Why did you go in the garage?" I asked raising an eye brow.

"I heard the door open." She said. I raised an eye brow and walked past her to the fridge. I pulled out a yogurt and grabbed a spoon.

"So why is it worse that I had Wally's bike?" I asked and she blushed a tiny bit.

"Oh I see." I laughed to myself.

"What ever." Bringing up her and Wally made her leave. I went into the T.V room and turned it on. I turned it to a show called Ultimate Spider Man. I watched it until I heard the zeta tube. I turned and everyone who left for the mission was back.

"Hey guys." I said. They nodded and left. "Well then." It was only about nine in the morning. I continued watching the super hero show. 

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