Chapter 12

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The boy I drew looked so familiar, hidden deep in my head. He had perfect hair, simple shirt, a tiny bit of freckles. I looked at the clock, it was time eat some dinner. Artemis and Kid Flash left for the day to their apartment. Super Boy, Robin, Cassie, and Night Wing were waiting at the table while M'gann finished up dinner. I sat at an empty chair, the table had gone an awkward quiet. M'gann passed out the food, it was homemade pizza with just cheese. The group ate with only charter from the others. M'gann and Super Boy were talking about the pervious mission and the others, stayed quiet. When I finished I washed the plate and put it back beside the bowls.

"All team report for training" Batman's voice rang through the Cave. I jogged to the area to the holographic plat form. Bat man with Martin Man hunter.

"We know this training exercise failed once, but Miss. Martin will not be joining you." Batman started. "She will be controlling it."

"What! Not this." Super Boy said.

"And what about Artemis and Kid Flash?" Robin asked.

"Coming." Said Martin Man Hunter. And the zeta-tube light and they walked in.

"I cant believe we're doing this again." Sighed Artemis.

"Please lay down." Miss Martin asked and the few team members laid on the plate forms. And my eyes started to close.


Really short chapter but I'll make it up to you by making the next one longer!  

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