Chapter 21

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After doing my homework, I ended up trainng with some of the other members. 

"I have a great idea." I said. 

"Hmm?" Robin asked. 

"A tournament." I smirked. "It can easily pass the time." 

"I don't know." Cassy said. 

"I think it would be fun!" A group of other members walked into the trainng room. 

"Alright." I said with a smile, or a smirk. "We will divid into pairs, and duel our partneer. How man people are here?"  I asked. Cassy counted the heads of the others. 

"About fifteen." Cassy said. 

"I can get about ten more to come." Beast Boy said. And with that he left to go get more. He came back with Wally, Artemis and a few other faces I didn't reconize. 

"Aliright!" I said. "Pair up!" Artmeis paired with Wally, Beast Boy paired with someone in a blue suit, and everyone else paired up. I ended up with Cassy. 

"So, one group at a time or multiple?" Cassy asked. 

"We should only do one at a time, most people here will take up alot of fighting space." Artemis said. 

"So who is going first?" I asked. 

"Wally and I will." Artemis said. 

"Alright." Everyone else said and they took there place on other sides of the areana. Artemis knocked an arrow and Wally took a stance showing he was ready to take off. 

"Ready, Set," Robin paused, "GO!" The room went silent, watching to see who would make the first move. Wally was dumb enough to charge and Artemis relsted her arrow. Wally was just fast enough to dodge, but she had already had a arrow knocked and shot it right as he recovered. It exploded in foam and it cover the speedster. As Wally started to vibrate to as she charged with an arrow knocked. 

"Ready to give?" She asked with a smirk standing infornt of him. 

"Never." He growled with a grin. Then, he broke free from the foam. "I'm not going down so easily." 

"Better think twice." She relesed the arrow, which was a net and it trapped the Kid Flash. 

"The winner is... Artemis!" Robin said. The crowd cheered and whooped. 

"Next is..." Robin took a look around. "Blue Beetle and Beat Boy!" 

After a long battle Blue Beetle won against Beast Boy. 

"Now is Artemis aganst Blue Beetle." I heard Blue Beetle mummer and Artemis smirk. We all know Artemis had more experince. They stepped in and they began. Blue Beetle started with his gun attack thing, and Artemis shot a few arrows. One fight later Artemis won, and next was Zatanna and Rocket. Rocket flew around while Zatanna cast spells all around the room. One finnaly hit rocket sending her to the ground, knocking her out. 

"Alright! Another one out, nexy is... Wonder Girl and Cold Flame!" 


Short chappy. But... If you give ideas they wont be as short... Hopefully. 

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