Chapter 20

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The others, barged into my room.

"Are you okay?!?" M'gann asked.

"Y-yeah." I mentally cursed myself for stuttering.

"We heard a scream." Supeboy said.

"I'm fine." I said. "Just a bad dream."

"A bad dream?" M'gann asked a plopped onto my bed.

"I'm fine, sorry to wake you." I apologized.

"It's okay, everyone has bad dream." M'gann said, and Superboy nodded. "What was it about?"

"Nothing." I said. "It is unimportant."

"Come on, maybe telling us will help you get back to sleep."  she said. 

"Its fine."

"Alright, but if you need anything." She said. I nodded my head. They left without another sound.

I woke from a dreamless sleep. I stretched and got ready for the school day. I ran out of my room, ate a waffle and pulled my hair up in a pony-tail. The clock read I was not late, so I zeta-tubed to Gotham. I took a city bus to school. There were groups or students huddled in groups, some made of two, five, and many more. Wonder where I fit in. I thought to myself as I walked off the bus. I went to the office and picked up my class sheet. A and a boy with ginger hair waited for me outside.

"Hi, I'm going to be the person that shows you around." He said with a goofy grin.

"Okay." I said. he lead me around school, and then walked me to my first class explaining the sports and after school privileges. I thanked him and he left for his first class. I sat in one of the empty seats and let the day zoom by.  

I zeta-tubed back to the Cave where Shadow a Robin (The dog) greeted me. I gave them their food and some water, and a little bit of treats. I then made myself a snack and sat on the couch and pulled out my bag. I got my homework and began working on it. 


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