Chapter 16

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M'gann was in deep battle with Simon, and it was more challenging to protect her then I thought it would be. Having to jump from one opponent to the next. By the expression on Miss. Martin's face, the battle wasn't going to well, when suddenly they both flew backwards. I had just enough of a break to get a glimse of Simon getting up, before Miss. Martin. 

"Miss. Martin time to get up!." I yelled as I threw a punch in Joker's nose. I took a fast glance at Miss. Martin, she wasn't getting up.

"Guys, Miss. Martin is not getting up!" I shouted.

"Kid Flash, take Joker!" I shouted to help Miss. Martin up.

"Alright, almost done." With a speed kick the guy he was taking down landed with a thud. Kid Flash speed over and took over with Joker. I knelt down to Miss. Martin.

"Miss. Martin, now would be a good time to get up..." I shook her to wake her. She groaned and open eye opened. "Come on, get up." I shook her softly.

"Simon." She whispered.

"Yeah. That's why you need to get up."

"Guys, Miss. Martin's not doing to good." I yelled.

"Well," Artemis threw a punch, "think of something." She continued to shoot arrows and throw punches.

"Miss. Martin, you need to get up." I shook her more. "Simon is coming." Shaking her head she sat up.

"I'll try again." She stood up and once more, she was in mental battle with Simon.

"Alright." I turned back and Artemis  was on the ground, being choked by Sportsmaster. With a few spikes of ice, that was burning hot, went into his skin he jumped off Artemis.

"I don't need your help." She said taking in long breaths.

"Just saved your life!" I shot fire at Icicle Jr. She just rolled her eyes. Icicle Jr. was shooting razor sharp icicles and I melted most. Some were ether too fast or there was so many coming at once that I couldn't get it. One inched into my should, two others in my right leg, and one in my abdomen. I melted the ice easily, but the cuts still hurt. I singed them closed and smirked at Icicle Jr.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes really." He said with a sigh. "Guess you win." He slumped his shoulders.

"What?" I asked.

"Not." Steel cut my skin, and it stung, a lot.

"Jellyfish poison." It was Cheshire.

"You don't play fair." I whined. "Cheaters never win." I whipped around and made a little ring of fire at Cheshire's and Icicle Jr.'s feet.

"Hot, hot, hot." They started to try to jump out, but the flames started to grow.

"No need to go over board." Kid Flash said.

"Sorry." I tried to lower the flames, but they wouldn't.

"Cold Flame, stop." Artemis said.

"I-I cant."

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