Chapter 5

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I opened my eyes to find myself in a large tubular, clear cage. My arms strapped down, my legs strapped down and together and a collar around my neck. I tried to make fire, but my hands were cold. I looked around looking for a door, and found one straight a head.

"Ah, look who has finally decided to join us." I turned my head and Artemis was in the same position as me.

"W-what happed?" I asked.

"Well when you decided to take a nap-"

"Hey not my fault." I interrupted her.

"Anyways, the others knocked us out." She finished.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said.

"And Super Boy?" I asked.

"They just took him." She gestured her head to the empty tube to my left. The door a head opened and a man in a lab coat walked in.

"Ah, our little heroes are awake." He said.

"What do you want." I asked.

"Well," He started. "Four years ago-"

"We didn't ask for a back story." Artemis interrupted.

"Well then, I, I mean we have you here to see how you really react in your own fears."

"How do you know what are fears are?" I asked.

"Oh we don't, but we pan to find out." He said smiling evilly.

"How do you plan to do that?" Artemis asked.

"A simulation to see your fears." He said. "But you have a choice,"

"A choice?" Artemis asked. "Since when did the bad guys give the heroes a choice?"

"Well this 'bad guy' is." He said. "You can either go though your fears or let us run a series of tests."

"What are these tests?" I asked.

"A lot like this." He brought out a remote and pressed a button. Electricity shot though me. Then it stopped. Hey Artemis. No reply, the connection was off. Okay good. So either I can go into my fears, with them watching, possible Artemis, or Super Boy, or I can get tested on, possibly die.

"Well, what is your choice archer?" The man asked.

"Don't we get any time?" I asked.

"No, you get a choice didn't I just explain?" He said with confusion written in his face.

"Well- never mind."

"So archer? The boy chose, now its your turn." He said.

"Fears or-" She was cut short.

"Okay then fears it is." He said.

"Wait! What? That wasn't my choice!" She said but he was already out the door.

Some time later, maybe a hour or only minutes, I will never know, the man and more people dressed like him walked in, with what looked like a T.V.

"Thought you might want to se what you'll be doing, archer." The man from before said, as he moved his hand. Another lad jacket coated person turned on the T.V. Super Boy was laying in a chair and was sleeping, or knocked out.

"Enjoy the show." The man said smirking.

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