Chapter 11

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The day was itching by ever so slowly. The team went to there rooms and Ultimate Spiderman was over. I ended up training with Black Canary and other League members that walked in. My mind was on my secret and Artemis trying to figure it out when I landed on my butt.

"Stay focused." Black Canary said.

"Sorry, my mind is on other things." I said getting up.

"Well that a break." She said. I nodded and walked to my room. I grabbed the half empty box of Thin Mins and walked to Miss. Martin's room. I knocked on her door.

"Come in." She said. I opened the door and gave her a small wave.

"By any chance do you have any small clothes I could borrow, or have?" I asked. 

"Yeah let me look." She got up from what ever she was working on and went to her closet. She pulled out a white t-shirt and a red skirt.

"Thanks." I said taking them from her. I went to my room set them on the bed for tomorrow and sat on my bed. I twiddled my thumbs and drew with frost on the walls. Why was it so bored? I asked myself. Maybe I can get someone to do something with me. I walked to the training area and two others I haven't seen before. One was dressed in  Robin costume and on was dressed a bit like Wonder Woman. 

"Who are you?" The girl asked.

"Name's Rose. Who are you?" I asked.

"Robin." Said the boy.

"Cassie." Said the girl. "Since when have you been here?" She asked.

"Like Sunday, of last week." I stated. "Well not really that long, I was kidnapped my first mission."

"Oh, your the girl who was with Artemis and Super Boy." Robin said.


"Want to spare with us?" Cassie asked.

"Sure." I replied. Is there anything to do here other than go on mission and train? I thought to myself.

"Robin against Rose!" Cassie shouted to no on in particular. We stepped up to the platform. Robin pulled out  a staff and I pulled out my bow and quiver of arrows. Robin moved first, he ran at me staff ready but I was faster and knocked a arrow and shot. He moved out of its way slid down and kicked me to the ground. I recovered quickly sprang up ducked a swing of his staff, turned around him and kicked him to the ground. The holographic plate form put up a sign that said. "Robin Fail."

"Next." I said. Cassie stepped on the plate form confidently.

"Let us to thing without the little weapons." She said.

"Fine." I set my bow back and stood ready. She took off her golden rope and tossed it off the plat form and caught it. She took a fighting stance. This time I went first, I charged and ducked a punch. I kicked her to the ground like Robin did to me. She swung up, and she pulled back her arm to punch the same time I did and are fists made contact. She was smirking but the punch didn't hurt.

"Why aren't you holding your fist in pain?" She asked. I shrugged took my chance used my other hand and punched her. She fell, she was off balance.

"That was fun." I said. "But do you know why the others are just staying in there room? I thought you guys were all friends and hang out."

"They are hanging out. They are in M'gann's room." Cassie said.


"Megan."  Robin said. Oh. I thought but I just shrugged and walked away. Combat with the two took thirty minutes and there was still plenty of time in the day to waste away. I went in my room found a pencil and started to draw. I started with the head an so on. I drew what ever came to mind. It was a boy.

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