Chapter 25

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Him. The first face I ever saw. I believe he called himself Jack.

"Project 626, or should I call you Rose?" The room was only dimly lite.

"What does he mean?" White Raven asked in a low whisper.

"You mean you haven't told them?" Jack laughed.

"Told what?" White Raven asked.

"Don't believe a word he says. I don't even know who he is. Anyone could make something like this up." I said and lite my fists in the blue flames.

"Your not going to use one of your other powers?" Jack laughed. "Super strength, super speed, telekinesis?" He asked, he was laughing his brains out.

"Cold Flame what does he mean?" White Raven asked glancing at me.

"This is just some stupid trick, lets just kick his tail and go home. Don't you have tv to watch?" I asked.

"Oh right. Okay, but we're talking after this." White a Raven said.

"Ok let's just do this." I said. After saying those very words I charged with one fist pulled back ready to punch. Before he could move I got a good punch on his face that sent him for a little flight, into the wall. He got up soon after, his nose was trickling with red.

"Your going to pay for that." Cracking his knuckles he got ready for a fight. But something flew right pasted his head. "You missed."

"Mhmm, look again." White Raven said. She had thrown a birdarang, which was blinking with a green light that turned red.

"Get down!" White Raven pushed me to the ground. The birdarang blew up. Bits and pieces of the walls fell in various places. The man Jack pushed off the piece that fell on him. But he stayed down.

"That felt easier than it should have been..." White Raven said. "Shouldn't there an alarm or something?"

"That did feel really easy. A silent alarm?" I said.

"That's a possibility." White Raven turned on her earpiece so she could speak into it.

"Batman, we ran into a man who fought us. But he was easily defeated. Is there a chance that there is a silent alarm?" White Raven talked into the earpiece. There was mumbling coming from her earpiece that I couldn't hear.

"There is a possibility, but it's small." White Raven turned to me. "So we keep patrolling this floor."

"Okay. Let's keep going."


There. Be happy my readers.

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