Chapter 1

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I broke free of my creators. All of my DNA was made up of some young justice heroes. I had speed faster then the average kid, not as much as Kid Flash but close. I can speak to other I their minds. My aim on a bow is spectacular. Acrobatics? I dabble. I can breath underwater. But I didn't start a combination of DNA, they found me as a child. I was born with my Frost Fire powers.
I ran as fast as my feet would allow and others were closing in. The guns weren't meant to hurt me. The thing is, the idiot guards didn't know electricity really does hurt me. I think it is the combo that made it like that. Four, four bullets of pure electricity struck my back. I fell twitching, my brain, body, heart aching. More hit me. I felt my feet up to my waist go numb, I was getting light headed, black splotches covered my vision. Then I saw red, and yellow. Flash. I could barely see but he was obviously kicking butt. He scooped me up and ran. He stopped in front inside a phone booth. I wanted to question him, but my mouth didn't want to talk. My vision blurred and felt sleep take me.

"Megan, maybe you can telepathically get to her." A deep voice said.

"I don't know, she might flip out." A female voice said.

"We need to hurry, her heart rate it low." Said a male voice.

"Her body is steaming hot. Electricity is coursing through her system." Another male voice said. I wanted to open my eyes, but my eyes lids were heavy over my eyes. I tried to move, but my limbs refused. I felt weak, venerable. I was able to squint out my right eye lid. It was blurry and a few figures surrounded me. I gave them a groan, telling them I was alive.

"She made a noise!" Said one of the males.
I woke again but could actually move. I sat up slowly, opening my eyes. A girl, whose skin was green and red hair.

"Ooh your awake!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah." I said. "Where am I?" I asked her.

"Your in the..." She didn't continue, three males and a female walking in the room I was staying in.

"The cave." One in a Robin costume said.

"Are you the real Robin?" I asked him.

"Umm, yeah."

"And I'm Artemis, this is Miss. Martin," She pointed to the green girl

"And Super boy, Kid Flash." said a girl dressed in green. "The others are out on a mission."

"Oookaaay, I have met the real Robin, Artemis, KF, Miss. Marshin and Superboy." I said but it sounded more like a question. "Where can I get some food?"

"Ah, that," Kid Flash started, "Is a good question. Come on." He led me into a kitchen. He opened up some cabinets and tossed me a pack of chips.

"Thanks." We ate in silent the only sound of teeth on chips.
I have seen the first season and some of the second. So don't be mad if it is not 100% correct. Credit goes to DC

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