Chapter 26

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Author's note at end.

We walked the floor, checking behind every door, in every drawer, folder, anything. 

"Floor, Eight statues report." Night Wing said. 

"Nothing so far, just one more room to go." I said into my earpeice. 

"Well when your done, I would like you to help the team in the basement." He said. 

"Okay. Did they find anything?" I asked. 

"A file, but that's all so far. They are moving slower and since you two are almost finished you can join them." Night Wing said. 

"Okay. We'll finish up here." I said as I opened a drawer. I shuffled through some blanck papers, pens, pencils and other offices supplies but nothing unusal for an office caught either White Raven's or my eye.

"This is a pretty vase." The vase White Raven held up was a ermald green, with white and pink flowers, making it look like a cherry blossom.

"Let me see that." I peered into the vase when something shinny caught my eye inside. I reached my hand in pulled it out. It was a key.

"I think I'll keep this." I slid it into my pocket. "Tell Batman." She clicked on her earpiece. As she talked to Batman I continued searching. We didn't find anything the rest of the floor.

"Well, to the basement?" I asked.

"Let's go." We made our way down the many stairs, from floor eight to the basement. When we got to the bottom, White Raven was clearly out of breath, while I was fine.

"Why... Aren't you... Tired?" She huffed.

"Good breathing?" I said, but it sounded more like a question.

"Yeah, well let's go." She said, but still gave me a questioning look.

"Yeah." I flicked the conumacation on, on my earpiece. "So who, and where is this team?"

"Follow the hall way ahead of you for eight-teen feet, turn left and follow that hallway. You should run into Kid Flash and Night Wing." Batman said.

"Okay." I replied and we began walking.


It's short. But the next chapter I have planned out so hopfully it will be longer. An dthanks for al the new comments!

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