Chapter 14

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So, your still reading my story eh? Well... Thanks.
Link up. Miss. Martin said, or umm thought.
Alright, lets kick some bad guys behind! Kid Flash thought and I mentally rolled my eyes.
I'm rolling my eyes right now KF. I thought to him.
Whatever, lets get this thing over with, I'm hungry. He thought.
When are you not. Artemis said. Now lets, in Kid Flash words, 'Go kick some behind.'
Lets. M'gann thought.
We should start in the big, important buildings the Injustice League and League of Shadows would want things from. I thought.
Science places? The brain is, well.. A brain. Kid Flash thought.
Alright, do a search for any important looking science places, or just where most of the crime is. Artemis thought.
Agreed . And with that we were off. I followed exit signs and street signs, to a tall skyscraper.
"Alright see if this works." I mumbled and speed up as fast as I could with super-speed running up the side of the building. I nearly fell off, but I gripped the side of the top with my fingers. Using my strength I pulled myself up, and while I was at it I did a flip onto the roof. I opened the door at the top and ran down the stairs.
Now I understand why Wally eats so much. I thought to myself as my stomach rumbled.
What? Kid Flash thought.
Nothing... I replied. I had forgotten that the connection was still there. I didn't stop at the bottom of the stair case and continued running around the building looking for any signs of trouble.
"Some one, anyone?!" Some one yelled. I followed the shout to a closed and locked closet, but it was locked from the outside.
"Stand as far back as possible!" I whisper shouted.
"Okay." They whispered back. There was rummaging, and then the person said, "Alright." I kicked the door open to find a young woman cowering in the corner. "What happened?"
"People, attacked us." She said get up. "Didn't see much though."
Guys, found it. I thought to the others.
On our way. The others thought back.
"Where were you during the attack?" I asked the woman.
"In the labs, lab 12 to be exact." She replied.
"What were you doing in the labs?" I asked.
"I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are or whose side your on." She folded her arms.
"Okay. Hi I'm Cold Flame nice to meet you, I'm a good guy. Now will you tell me?" I crossed my arms.
"We are working nano technology, little robots." She said after rolling her eyes.
"I know what nano tech is. Where is the main lab?"
"Bottom floor, third door to the left." She said.
"One of my team members will be picking you up, just stay hidden." I told the girl.
"Fine." She said climbing back in the closet. "I'll be waiting."
There is a young woman is down the stairs from the roof. You'll know it when you find it. I thought to the others. I'm going to investigate the main lab.
Wait. Kid Flash thought. If there is trouble we don't need anyone getting hurt.
We don't have much time, we need to find where the League is and if there are definitely some guys here. I thought.
Cold Flame's right, we need to find the League. Artemis thought back.
Artemis are you agreeing with me? I snickered.
Whatever just do what you need to do we'll be there soon. M'gann thought.
Yes ma'am. I followed the directions of the scientist's. I leaned against the door slightly listening.
"If the Young Justice is smart enough they'll find us."
Have you head there is a movie called Son of Batman?

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