Chapter 7

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I started breathing heavily. Artemis was being wheeled in, conscious and struggling. The others started to move my tube. I didn't move.

"What did you choose?" Artemis asked, but I didn't say anything. Once I left the room, I amenity looked around, for windows, doors anything.  Nothing.  I kept looking, but to no avail. It was pointless struggling so I didn't do anything. I let them drag me to a large white room, with many machinery and wires. I felt my heart race, but I need to stay calm. I needed to fight the system, to fight all the tests.

"This one is a DNA mix." One said.

"Wh- How do you know that?" I asked, but they ignored me.

"Boss says not to let her 'team' know." Said the other. "No talking about it when filming." The others shook their head in agreement. They took out a remote and pressed a button. I looked around, the security camera was filming. I looked at it. When I turned away, one of the scientists had a remote with multiple buttons. Smirking evilly she pressed on. The band on my writs, ankles etc. was unclasped. I banged the plastic as hard as I could with my fist. My feet felt cold, even wet. I looked down and the tube was filling with water. I started punching the plastic more, and harder, but the plastic would not give in. The water was filling fast and was now up to my waist. I held my breath and went under to find the source of the water. Little holes in the bottom were allowing the water to come. when I went back up the water was up to my neck, as it flowed I swam with it to the top, I looked at the top as I took a breath. I lowed myself back to the bottom and sat. They wouldn't kill me, right? I thought, Miss. Marshin powers, right. Maybe... Gills sprouted from my neck. I was able to breath. They started to retract the water and when it was below my neck the gills faded. I was soaked and arms from the things that held me back, they grasped my wrists ankles, etc. I was once strapped down. The scientist with the remote clicked another button. Electricity shocked me, starting like little static shocks. But they grew in pain. I closed my eyes, and the pain stopped. I opened them and a girl in midnight blue was knocking the scientists out. She grabbed the remote and pressed a button and the arms holding me let go and the tube opened. I stumbled out.

"Thanks." I replied and stood up and she shook her head in replied.

"Come on." She said and started jogging away.  

"Wait!" I yelled running after her. "What is your name?" I asked as I jogged next to her.

"You can call me, White Raven."


To clear up confusion about the charters.

Artemis: Loose hair, green costume, bow and arrow (A combo of Artemis and Tigeris)

Nightwing: Is nightwing...


And yeah.

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