#21 Halloween Special

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Against your sake you force a slight smile onto your lips. The movie on the TV screen has you on the edge of your seat. You picked one with the most intense horror scenes on purpose. Unfortunately, your super great plan doesn't work the way you wanted it to.

Fearless Annie sits right next to you relaxed, and munches now and then on some popcorn. She was all over the idea of a movie night, as long as she didn't have to go to Hanji's Halloween party. And since you wanted some time alone with Annie everything worked out perfectly.

Except for the fact you are scared out of your mind due to the movie. It might sound cliché, but you planned Annie would be scared, so, you could be her shining knight in armor. Might place an arm around her shoulder to keep her close to you.

Well, damn it.

"You okay over there?", Annie asks you out of the blue, as she leans forward to get a sip from her drink. Of course, she noticed the way you clench the pillow against your chest. "Pf! Sure, I am perfectly fine", you try to overplay the fact you are actually scared.

Karma isn't on your side today. Right in the moment those worlds leave your mouth, a jump scare gets you really hard. You flinch as you hide yourself behind the pillow in your arms. Annie rolls her eyes smirking, while she stops the movie.

"You don't have to prove anything, [Y/N], you know that, right?", her blue eyes meet your [E/C] ones. Embarrassed that she can see through your bad poker face, you scratch the back of your neck awkwardly. You open your mouth to reply something, but not a single word comes out.

Annie knows what you are trying the whole evening. She leans closer to you, and presses a soft kiss onto your cheek. "I appreciate the thought, but let's watch something else", she adds to her gesture. "I ... uh love you", you stutter out those honest words. "I know", is Annie's short reply. A smirk tugs at the corners of your mouth. Of course, she knows.


"And there are still places no human being has ever seen", Armin couldn't stop himself from talking about his all-time favorite topic. The world and its mysteries. You take a sip from your drink, but couldn't help yourself but smile slightly. The way his blue eyes sparkle makes your knees weak.

This is the best Halloween party you have ever been to.

"I would love to see all the places of the world", the blond boy has a dreamy smile on his lips. You could enjoy this view all day long. "Me too", you reply mumbling under your breath. Despite the loud music Armin catches your words. "We could travel together! ... I mean, if you want to", a faint pinch of red dusts his cheeks.

"I would love to", you also can feel the heat burning on your cheeks. You never heard a better idea in your whole life. The two of you look at each other. By now both of you are wearing a dreamy smile on your lips.

"Boo!", Sasha and Connie jump up behind Armin. The poor boy gets scared immensely, and flinches due to the scare, which includes dropping his drink onto the ground. "Hey!", you throw a death glare into your friend's direction, who are running out of the room snickering.

"I am so sorry!", Armin mumbles under his breath, as he looks for something to clean up the floor from his spilled drink. A bright blush burns on his rather pale cheeks. Without a word you help him to get rid of the mess.

"It is not your fault. Sasha and Connie are always up to no good. It is not nice of them to scare you like that", you reply honestly. "Thank you for your help", Armin can feel his heart beat hard against his chest as a plan forms in his head. "That's what friends to for each other", the word friend hangs heavy on your tongue.

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