#14 You get injured

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A slight smile tugs at the corners of your mouth, while you fly through the trees. Challenging each other, the 104th Cadet Corps made a bet who will be the fastest to get through the woods using the ODM gear. Being one of the best, you are actually in the lead right now. But Annie is close behind you.

So, no mistakes or you are going to lose.

Like fate decided against you, your gear stops to work, suddenly. Your heart skips a beat, as the grappling hook doesn't do its job anymore. "Damn it", you embrace yourself for the first impact with one of the thick branches. Unfortunately, your hands don't find a good grip on the bark, so your journey downwards continues.

Between falling and cursing, you can hear Annie's voice yelling your name in worry.

Hitting another few branches, you land on the ground with a loud thud, finally. The world around keeps spinning for a few moments, while you turn around to lie on your back. That's one of the few places that doesn't hurt right now.

"[Y/N]! No, no, no. How bad is it?", Annie lands next to you, and kneels down to inspect your body for injuries. You feel like you are one big bruise. "I am fine. Just give me a second", even breathing triggers a wave of pain rushing through your body. "No, you are in agony. Don't overplay it. I'll get a medic", Annie can see it in your [E/C] eyes.

To keep her close, you grab her hand with yours, "Stay with me, please." You have never seen her that worried before. She gives your hand a slight squeeze, her facial expression softens. "I am good to go", stubborn as you are, you get into a sitting position with Annie's help.

She wraps your arm around her neck to support you as good as possible. Sitting already hurts, but standing is another dimension of pain. Still you keep going with Annie by your side. You know she will force you to see a medic, and you wouldn't even be mad about it.

Hopefully you don't have to skip training the next few days. "Hey, Annie. Did you see that I was in the lead?", you try to brighten up the mood a little bit. "Yes, until you decided to become a rock that tries to fly", she replies sarcastically. Oh, well...


"[Y/N]!", Armin yells your name to get your full attention, but the fighting sounds from Eren's and Reiner's titan forms are way too loud. You hang on the wall with your gear and blades in your hands, ready to strike, when Eren needs help.

Apart from the noise, you are way to engrossed into the fight to notice Armin on the top of Wall Rose. The blonde soldier can feel the worry growing inside of his chest. You are way too close to the titans, and could get hurt easily. He trusts your skills, but accidents can always happen.

Like the Colossal Titan falling straight downwards towards Eren and Reiner, triggering a strong wave of steam and wind. "Watch out! Above you!", Connie notices the danger first, and yells a warning, hopefully right in time.

Unfortunately, not for everyone.

Trying to protect your face, you raise your arms in front of your face. Not knowing what hit you, your gear loses its grip and stops working. Due to the wave of steam and wind you fly upwards, hitting your head against the wall in the process.

Completely dizzy you lose your orientation and hope just not to die today.

Somehow you land on the hard ground of Wall Rose rolling around for a moment, just a few meters away from Armin. The blonde soldier rushes towards you, kneeling down right by your side. "[Y/N]? [Y/N]?!", he places your head carefully in his lap, so you lie more comfortable.

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