#3 S/He realizes their feelings for you

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"Oh, great. You are a heartless ice cold bitch, Annie", one of the cadets yell at your best friend. Sure, the blonde soldier doesn't show any emotions, but you know her well enough after all this time together. She is hurt inside.

Softly you put your hand on Annie's shoulder to push her overprotectively behind you. "So calling my friend a bitch, while you are acting like one right now. Do us all a favor, please. Shut up and leave. No one cares about your opinion", you reply as calm as always.

With a last death glare you win this showdown. Another points for you. The female cadet leaves without a further word. "Annie-", you turn around to face her. She only crosses her arms in front of her chest, "You didn't have to do that. I had the whole situation under control." She doesn't need your help. She doesn't need anyone's help. Annie manages her whole life all alone as always.

Smirking you put your arm around her shoulders, "I know, strong girl. You slay titans without problems, but if someone attacks my best friends has to deal with me. If you want it or not." That's actually true. You are there to help her all the time, even if she pushes you always away.

"Sometimes I really, really hate you, [Y/N]", Annie rolls her eyes annoyed. Indeed it is vice versa. She loves you doubtlessly for your loyalty. You stick with her no matter what might will happen. "Ah, Annie, I love you too", you reply laughing as you squeeze her shoulder softly.

She never noticed how much you mean to her actually. Somehow you started to be her anchor. Her safe haven. And you keep doing what you do, even if you never receive a thank you from her. It is because you truly care for her. Suddenly Annie feels her heartbeat doubles up, when she thinks about you.

Is that true love she found in the middle of hell?

"[Y/N]?" - "Hm?" - "Thank you."


"Look at that, Armin. Can you believe that's actually existing out there? Outside the walls?", you point at the picture of landscape completely out of ice. A slight smile appears on your lips, "I ask myself if there are also titans everywhere." Armin right next to you just shrugs his shoulders.

"I don't know. A trip outside would probably tell us. It sounds too good to be true", the blonde boy isn't really paying much attention to the book filled with pictures from the outer world. He is focused on something even more interesting. You. And every detail of you.

The sweet smile on your lips makes him feel good instantly. The sparkle in your eyes doubles up his heartbeat. The way you say his name feels like heaven. Your kindness restores his faith in humanity. Your determination makes him want to fight by your side. Your trust makes him stronger. Being by your side makes him a better human being.

"But you believe it, even if it sounds too good to be true, right? And you will come outside with me", you grab his hand to get his full attention. His clear blue eyes meet your [E/C] ones. He can see the hope in them. "Of course! Do you really think I would let you go all alone?", Armin replies smirking.

He would follow you no matter where you want to go. His heart tells him to follow you until it stops beating. Sounds corny, but the boy is head over heels in love with you.

"With Eren and Mikasa, we will be pioneers. Maybe seeing things no one ever saw before. Wouldn't be that great?", you fantasize about the outer world. What would Armin give to make you happy like the outer world does. It seem you are always away with your thoughts to notice him.

The blond boy squeezes your hand softly, "Yeah, it would be great." A slight smile appears on his lips as he watches you admiring the pictures in the book. You don't have to notice him. He sees you. And only that matters.

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