#1 How you meet

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This is it. Your first day with your new "family" - the 104th Cadet Corps. You lean against the wooden door frame, curious to meet your roommates. A slight smirk appears on your lips as a blonde girl walks in a straight line towards you and the barrack. Absolutely right in time. You were getting bored. "A tough one", you think to yourself trying to read her grim face and furrowed eyebrows.

Without a word she passes you and throws her bag onto one of the beds. Actually the one you choose, since you got to the barracks firstly. "Well, hello there! Those are my things on your bed... , the girl looks at you, while she pushes your bag off the mattress unimpressed.

"Not very talkative, right? I'm [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N], just so you know who you are bugging right now", it's pretty clear that she won't give in, but you like to test out the limits of other people. "It's a god damn bed. Don't bother me because of that", her glare doesn't scare you off like probably the half of the other cadets.

"You are lucky that I'm not picky, girl with no name", you grab your bag and throw it onto another bed. She rolls her eyes annoyed, "Great, so nice of you." Smirking you make a dismissive hand gesture, "Sharing is caring. Apart from this, we are all a big family now. The big and happy 104th Cadet Corps family. Who do you want to be? The auntie?" You wait for a response, but there comes nothing.

"Okay, joking aside. Who are you? I don't care how tough you think you are. Another move like this, and we are going to have some problems", a lot of people are terrified of your serious face. Knowing that fact makes it easier for you to get what you want. Well, most of the time.

"Annie... Annie Leonhardt", she answers after a while. The smirk on your lips transforms into a smile, "It's really nice to meet you, Annie."


Scared to death you hide your face in your hands. The tears won't stop rolling over your cheeks. They seem like an unstoppable waterfall. Everything changed, when the colossal titan appeared. Your beautiful and perfect life ruined within seconds.

"Hey, it's okay. Sh...", a smooth voice comforts you as an arm wraps around your fragile body. You look between your fingers to see a blonde boy with clear blue eyes. His smile calms you down instantly, even if you don't know his name yet. His whole appearance is comforting.

"But everyone who loved me died. How can everything be okay?", you want to know still crying. He squeezes your shoulder softly, "I'm so sorry that you lost your family. I'm here with you now. And I won't go away, okay? I'm Armin Arlert."

His words sound so nice and true. "My name is [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N] - the last one of the [Y/L/N]'s", you tell him your name sniffling. Armin dries your wet cheeks softly with his long sleeve. "That's good. You should not forget where you are from. I know the past hurts yet, but you will grow stronger. Believe me."

"You are really intelligent, Armin. I don't know what to say", to be honest you feel a little bit stupid next to him. The boy wraps you up in his arms friendly, "You don't have to say something. We can be silent, if you want. Do what makes you feel better."

You bury your face in his shirt to wash out the world around you. There is just you and Armin. No titans. No fear. No dead people. Just comfort. Joy. A good life.

"Look, that are my friends. Eren and Mikasa", Armin points at a brown haired boy and raven haired girl. They also lost their families, you think to yourself. Their eyes tell you their stories. And they look just like you. Lost and broken. But together you are a family.

"Hello, I'm [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N]! Nice to meet you", maybe there is a bright side next to the dark one.


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