Escape | Levi x Ghoul!reader | Attack on Titan/Tokyo Ghoul Crossover by unjustifiedwriter
Escape | Levi x Ghoul!reader | lena
[ on hold // trash, read at own risk ] Sorrow will not forever remain as a negativity that people wish to escape from. Once in a while, it may be the fading light that b...
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♥︎Always Mine♥︎《Levi X Reader》 by MollyCooper6
♥︎Always Mine♥︎《Levi X Reader》by ♛Mrs. Ackerman♛
Levi Ackerman and (Y/N) (L/N) are two thugs from the underground, brought up to the survey corps. A strong unbreakable bond of trust is shared between you both, and you...
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Show me love // Levi X Reader   by _lakia
Show me love // Levi X Reader by _lakia
You are a young lady that just experience your mom get crushed by a big rock. You desire to kill titans, as well for avenging the only love you had, Your mom. Note: This...
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The Missing Princess by Koda-San
The Missing Princessby ⥤𝕂𝕠𝕕𝕒⥢
《Levi x Reader》 |Single| ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ (Y/N), Princess of Estra has run away from her country desperately trying to escape an arr...
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Levi x Reader (Smut & Lemons) by dd-yang
Levi x Reader (Smut & Lemons)by Yang Xiao Long
•feel free to send me a pm of any ideas! •most of these are smuts. •and some of the smuts were low-key limes but i hope yall understand. 😂 ~i do not own the character...
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The Great Divide (Levi Ackerman X Reader) by all_time_phan_parade
The Great Divide (Levi Ackerman Delora
Ever wonder what would happen if you were transported from your world to the cruel yet beautiful world of Attack on Titan? One day while watching AoT on your laptop afte...
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Levi Ackerman X reader (Smut) Pocky by KokoroInuzuka123
Levi Ackerman X reader (Smut) Pockyby KokoroInuzuka123
In this story you were caught playing Pocky with the other cadets. How will Levi react to this?
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Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X MegaBlazethecat
This is a wondrous set of boyfriend scenarios about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. All of the scenarios contain you and Levi spending time to together with a hint o...
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A new home and...master? {Complete} by Neko-lovelies
A new home and...master? {Complete}by ♡ɳεҡø ℓεѵเ♡
Seme Levi x Eren Eren Jaeger is just a nobody at school, he's a sweet kid but a hot headed one as well. one day his life will change forever.. sorry for the shitty descr...
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Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 (NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS) by Awesome-dude
Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 ( Awesome-Dude
This is my second book dedicated to the lovely Levi Ackerman. Usually updated 2-3 times a week unless I'm super busy. I do write smut or lemons. Not accepting requests. ...
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POWER {Levi x Reader} by XxLynnelXx
POWER {Levi x Reader}by Lynnel
"She's a strange one, isn't she?" Throughout time, there's been a certain.. tradition, if you will, that occurred to everyone from a famous dynasty. It passes...
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Clichering by Parlev
Clicheringby 『Lieute♕nant』
Más chistes, más cosas sin sentido y más cosas sin mi autoria. Levi x Eren Riren. En continua colaboración con muchos lectores <3
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Melting A Frozen Heart ~ Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin by lucidrebel
Melting A Frozen Heart ~ Levi Rin
Chisaki Matsumoto a bloodthirsty soldier who lives for the sole purpose to destroy the titans. But as straightforward as her plan is, not everything in the Survey Corps...
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I'll be there for you (Levi Ackerman x Twin!Seme!Male!Reader) by IzayaB
I'll be there for you (Levi IzayaB
I haven't seen many of these and this idea hit me in the morning when I woke up. This is a incest/twincest so don't read it if you don't feel comfortable with this subje...
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Bite Me.  by ifangirloverthese
Bite Me. by Squish
Poor Eren Jaeger just wanted to make it out of school alive, but when he catches the eye of party boy Levi his hopes disappear. Why did he have to be the one to interest...
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Levi X reader Oneshots (Sexual Content) by Lazy0ne
Levi X reader Oneshots (Sexual Lazz_Kim
A few oneshots with your (possibly)favorite character, Levi Ackerman. •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• Contains Mature content. (Gore, swearing, Sexual content, etc) ...
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The Vampire & The Hunter by Koda-San
The Vampire & The Hunterby ⥤𝕂𝕠𝕕𝕒⥢
▪Book 1▪ 《Levi x Reader》 |Levi's Storyline in Ambercathra Series| ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ When a young woman finds herself entering a world...
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"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Reader by Rhynstone
"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Readerby Rhy Rhy
"He shows no look of pity or sadness in his face but instead keeps his eyes on the ground. He guides his horse without a slouch, the look on his face, cold. A weird...
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Roomates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED] by HumanityNeedsMoreTea
Roomates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED]by Pink
COMPLETED: 9/4/17 #1 in the attack on titan fanfiction tag. --- YN LN lives in Japan. Like any other teenage girl she goes to school. Except her school is a little dif...
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Childhood Friends (Attack on Titan// Levi Ackerman Fanfiction) [Wattys2016] by missymaris
Childhood Friends (Attack on Mari-senpai
Nora Westfield, a noble girl from inside Wall Sina, was rescued by a teenaged thug by the name of Levi when she was only ten years old and about to be robbed. One day, y...
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