#16 Truth or Dare

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Thank you all for your lovely comments and the support you give me.

I just want to know, if I should add maybe a few new characters? I thought about Ymir, Christa/Historia and Mike. Apart from this, I will probably start writing Alternative Universe chapters for all the characters. There will be a lot of reading. I always get carried away writing AU's. And what about "Dating would include" and stuff like that? I know it is a lot, but what do you think, guys?


A quiet sigh escapes your mouth as you look at the wooden ceiling above your head. A lot of thoughts are running through your head. Slowly you get a good grasp on them. Unfortunately, the needed silence gets interrupts by a rather loud Hanji almost breaking through the door.

Shocked by the sudden noise you almost fall out of your chair. "[Y/N]! Finally, I found you!", she waves her arms around in the air, coming closer with fast steps. "What is it, Hanji?", you want to know concerned that maybe something happened, while you were ahead with your head. The female soldier takes your hand in hers to drag you out of your chair. "We are going to play a game, and you have to be a part of it!", she explains grinning like the mad scientist she is.

For a brief moment you stare at her, "Seriously? I thought the Wall has been preached maybe. Don't scare me like that ever again." Hanji makes a dismissive gesture with her free hand. "You are always so serious. Smile a bit. We are going to have so much fun", she pulls you up onto your own two feet. Still shocked you just follow her stumbling out of the room.

"What game are we even playing?", you want to know, as she drags you along the long hallway. "Truth or dare", Hanji answers and opens the door to the mess hall with her free hand. You can see the others sitting around one of the tables. Some seem excited to play, and others are just annoyed to be there. You are sure Hanji forced them.

"I just changed my mind. I don't want to play your game", you can feel your heartbeat against your chest. "There is no going back now, [Y/N]. You are going to have fun", the female soldier pushes you onto the bench right between Eren and Mikasa. "Yet we are complete, let's start the game!", Hanji takes her place on the other end of the table.

Slowly you let travel your gaze around to see who Hanji snatched away from their work. Apparently, she didn't manage to get Erwin and Levi. Lucky bastards. "So, who wants to go first?", Hanji snaps you out of your thoughts, her grin almost reaching from one ear to the other one. Sasha and Connie throw their arms into the air, "Me!" - "No, me!" That's going to be a long day...


Hanji looks through the rows of soldiers, searching for her perfect victim. Certainly, ignoring Connie and Sasha trying to get her full attention. A few of the people try to make themselves a little bit smaller, so she would overlook them. Suddenly, her eyes stop on a certain annoyed looking blonde soldier.

"Annie! Truth or dare?", Hanji asks her still grinning madly. She raises her head to look at the scientist with her piercing blue eyes, "Truth." Surprised you furrow your eyebrows. You can't believe that she would give divulge something about her.

"Tell us something you don't want us to know", Hanji says rubbing her hands like she is the villain of a bad superhero movie. It's only the first round, and already the ugly truths are told. "And that would be what?", Annie replies keeping her perfect poker face. "Maybe your interest in someone!", Sasha suggests excited.

You notice the sudden change in Annie's eyes, but that moment passes quickly. She leans back, as she crosses her arms in front of her chest.

"There is only one person. [Y/N]. No matter how often I am cold and mean, that dumbass keeps sticking around me. It gives me a feeling that [Y/N] honestly cares about me. And I haven't felt that in a very long time. I am really grateful. You don't know how much sometimes. So, listen closely. It's going to be the first and last time I ever tell you this. You better write it down. It will last longer than your brain, I guess", Annie admits how she feels about you.

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