Reiner Braun x Fem!Reader ~ A cliché love story - Alternative Universe

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Sorry that it took me so long to post another chapter. I am having a little writers block. Apart from this, I am currently writing on six chapters at the same time. Including a Marco AU, Ymir's, Christa's and Mike's catch up chapter. Stupid me xD

Let me know if you are interested in more Alternative Universes or not in the comments, please. I feel like I butchered this story so damn much. It is definitely not the best I have written. I hope you enjoy this one, nevertheless.

You still couldn't believe what Hanji has done to you. A quiet sigh leaves your mouth as you look into the red plastic cup you are holding. Being Hanji's personal driver you only drink fruit juice. You can see yourself staring back at you in the liquid's surface.

The people around you seem have to have fun. Usually you like to attend parties, but not when you don't even not a single person except for Hanji. She forced you to come with her, and the good friend you are you agreed without putting up a fight. Apart from this Hanji can be very convincing.

"Well, hello, princess", a voice snaps you out of your rather sad thoughts. You raise your head to face the unknown man properly. He gives you an overly confident smile, making you furrow your eyebrows already losing interest in him. You take a sip from your cup, hoping he would just take the hint and leave. But he keeps standing in front of you, "My name is Jean. What about yours?"

Well, you missed to mention that you found yourself on a Halloween party. So, nice Jean here is dressed up as a modern knight. Your fingers itch to drench his perfectly white button up shirt with juice. Maybe that would him scare away. But it would be a waste of fruit juice.

"Oh, you don't have to be shy", Jean mistakes your silence, which makes his smile even brighter. You hold back the need to roll your eyes annoyed. He really caught you in a bad mood to flirt with you. Since Hanji vanished in the big crowd of people, you just want to drive home alone. Having fun does really look differently.

"Take the hint and leave. I am not interested", sarcasm is clearly dripping from your voice. To your surprise Jean just chuckles for a brief moment, "But isn't it better to talk to me than standing around all alone?" How could a person be that overly confident? Let's shred his self-esteem a bit.

"Absolutely not. You should have better dressed as a horse. Suits you much better", and with that you turn around to leave. Your senses tell you to search for Hanji. She might be already drunk, and bothers someone with her theories about aliens and abnormal creatures.

"Wait! I think we had a bad start", Jean grabs your arm to stop you from walking away. You almost feel pity for him, when you throw a death glare over your shoulder. He just wants to be nice, but you are definitely not in the mood. And he is making the situation only worse with his pathetic attempts.

"Jean, stop scaring away possibly new friends. You are terrible", another voice joins the one-sided conversation. A blonde bulky man appears next to Jean, putting his giant hand on his shoulder in a friendly but determining way. That shuts Jean finally up, so he leaves the two of you alone without a further word.

"Looks like the dragon just saved the princess from the knight. I am sorry about him. Jean doesn't know how to woo a Lady properly. I am Reiner, by the way", he gives you a warm smile, which brightens up your mood a little bit. "My name is [Y/N]. Nice to meet you. You are dressed up as a dragon? Whatever, you haven't seen a crazy brunette girl with glasses, right?", you reply in a way friendlier tone now.

"See, I have wings", Reiner turns around to show you a pair of super tiny green wings on his shirt. You have to hold back your laugh. A mountain of a man and then he wears tiny wings. He looks just too cute with them.

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